Jeweler denies involvement in stolen luxury watch scam (Antwerp)

Jeweler denies involvement in stolen luxury watch scam (Antwerp)
Jeweler denies involvement in stolen luxury watch scam (Antwerp)

Rafael D. (right) was arrested together with his father Rubi (left). † © rr

Rafael D., the Antwerp jeweler who was arrested in a French investigation into a large scam involving stolen luxury watches, says he has nothing to do with it. “My client denies any involvement,” says his lawyer John Maes.

Sam Reyntjens

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The 25-year-old Rafael D., who has a jewelry shop in the chic Antwerp Schuttershofstraat, was arrested at the end of last week at the request of the French court. The Antwerp watch dealer came into the picture in an investigation into the theft of dozens of very expensive luxury watches in various French cities. The French suspect him of having collaborated with a criminal organization that ‘polished’ stolen luxury watches from brands such as Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe and Richard Mille and provided them with new certificates.

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D. and his father Rubi were locked up in prison, meanwhile they were allowed to serve their pre-trial detention with an ankle bracelet at home. That decision was not yet implemented for the time being, so father and son are still in jail, they will appear before the council chamber in Turnhout on Friday. “My client denies any involvement in criminal acts,” responds Rafael D.’s lawyer, master John Maes. “For the time being, we have little insight into the contents of the file.”

Father D.’s lawyer, Philippe Carsau, could not be reached for comment.

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