Code yellow for thunderstorms in Limburg: “Local chance of tens of liters of rain”

Code yellow for thunderstorms in Limburg: “Local chance of tens of liters of rain”
Code yellow for thunderstorms in Limburg: “Local chance of tens of liters of rain”

Around noon, a rain and shower zone will enter our country from France and then slowly move northwards. It then often becomes heavily cloudy with periods of rain and showers that are locally accompanied by thunder, the RMI reports.

“It will remain dry on Monday morning. During the afternoon, a rain and shower zone will develop from the south,” says our weatherman Ruben Weytjens. “This will only progress slowly, meaning that it will remain dry for a number of hours longer in the north of Limburg than in the south. In the south, the first rain can be expected shortly after noon.”

When the precipitation zone reaches the north of the country, it largely comes to a standstill, allowing a lot of rain to fall in the areas near the Dutch border. At the same time, it will become largely dry again at the rear of the precipitation zone, with sometimes broad clear spells, especially in the regions near the French border. The maximum temperatures are between 12 and 15 degrees in the Ardennes, around 17 or 18 degrees in the north of Flanders and between 15 and 17 degrees elsewhere.

In the provinces of Antwerp and Limburg, code yellow applies for thunderstorms from 2 p.m. The warning applies until 9 am on Tuesday morning.

“It will rain everywhere and the rain zone may contain locally more intense showers,” says Weytjens. “There is a chance of thunder and a lot of rain in a short time. Locally, tens of liters can come down.”

“The rain zone continues to wave over Limburg for a long time and then returns to the south by Tuesday morning. So we can also expect a wet night. Regionally, more than 50 liters may again have fallen before the rain zone leaves our area.”

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This evening and tonight there will sometimes be intense precipitation in the north of Flanders. Locally, more than 25 mm of precipitation can be recorded there (together with the precipitation on Monday afternoon) over 24 hours. Elsewhere it is or will be mostly dry with local formation of low clouds or fog. The minimum temperatures fluctuate between 5 and 10 degrees in the southern half of the country and between 10 and 12 degrees in the northern part. The usually weak westerly wind gradually becomes moderate northerly, near the sea.

Tuesday It is often cloudy, especially in the northern half of the country, with some light rain here and there. In the south it is often dry with sun. In the afternoon the distribution is the other way around, with more clouds and showers, especially in the south, and sometimes broad and dry skies in the north. The maximum temperatures fluctuate between 13 and 18 degrees with a weak to moderate northerly wind.

WednesdayIn the morning, low clouds or fog banks occur in many regions, especially in the Ardennes. During the day, clear skies will appear at the sea and in the west. Elsewhere it will remain rather cloudy. It remains mainly dry with maximum temperatures between 13 and 17 degrees. During the day a moderate north wind blows.

Thursday there is first local morning gray. During the day the sun breaks through and there are sometimes broad clear skies, especially over Flanders. However, south of Sambre and Meuse, cloud cover continues to dominate. It remains dry at a maximum of 14 to 19 degrees.

Also Friday it will remain dry with, after any morning gray, an alternation of sun and clouds with most of the sun north of Sambre and Meuse. We will achieve maximum temperatures of 15 to 20 degrees with a mostly weak to moderate northeasterly wind.

Next weekend the chance of precipitation remains limited. Cloud fields and sometimes broader clearings alternate. The maximum temperatures fluctuate from 15 to 16 degrees at the sea and in the High Ardennes to around 20 and locally 22 degrees elsewhere.

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