‘Nightmare’: well-known Flemish YouTuber breaks into ‘worst amusement park in Belgium’


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Dirty, dirty, broken and not maintained. This is how one of Belgium’s most famous YouTubers describes his visit to Boudewijn Seapark in Bruges. Following disturbing stories about the amusement and animal park, Nathan Vandergunst, better known as Acid, decided to take a look at the park himself. “worst and dirtiest amusement park in the Low Countries”. However, he did not buy a ticket.

“They absolutely don’t deserve those 30 euros”the video maker says about the entrance fee. “The whole park is about to collapse, it’s fucking dirty here, they don’t take care of anything and then they have all kinds of animals here.” That’s why Vandergunst decided to climb over a fence, behind the scenes. Without much effort he then walked into the park.

Boudewijn Seapark was in the Belgian news last week after Looopings paid attention to a video report about the poor state of the park. Those messages also reached the YouTuber. He already expected one in advance “fucking nightmare”. His suspicion is immediately confirmed: the first impression is bad. “It makes me a little sad myself.”

Danger of collapse
Vandergunst compares his walk to urban exploring. According to him, Boudewijn Seapark looks more like a container park than an amusement park. While laughing, he shows many elements that look unkempt and dirty. A restaurant that had to close due to the risk of collapse also makes people laugh. “They haven’t put any more work into this.” A “fucking disaster”is the conclusion. “It looks terrible.”

The YouTuber says he feels sorry for the animals that have to spend their days in the “cells” from Boudewijn Seapark. Pelicans have remarkably little space at their disposal. The pond next to it is completely green. And what about the attractions? “Nothing works. Everything is turned off. And everything that is not turned off only works half way.”

On the way to MacDolphin restaurant, Vandergunst enters an area where he is not actually allowed to go. “These are also the basins where those animals live.” There the YouTuber is caught by an employee, who takes him to the exit. There the illegal visit ends.

In one day, more than 155,000 viewers have already been able to see how the YouTube star completely burns down the amusement park. If it were up to him, Boudewijn Seapark will quickly stop keeping animals and staging shows with sea lions and dolphins. After all, doing tricks with dolphins is outdated, says Vlamingr. “First of all, they have to get rid of those animals and then completely renovate it and maybe come up with a new idea.”

Boudewijn Seapark is demolishing an old hall to make way for a new attraction

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