Car sharing is also starting to gain a foothold around Ghent: “Promising step forward” (Ghent)

Car sharing is also starting to gain a foothold around Ghent: “Promising step forward” (Ghent)
Car sharing is also starting to gain a foothold around Ghent: “Promising step forward” (Ghent)

Ghent already has almost 20,000 users, but shared cars are also gradually starting to catch on in the peripheral municipalities. The municipal authorities will therefore collaborate with car sharing company Cambio.

Car sharing is becoming increasingly popular, even outside the city limits of Ghent. For example, there are already about thirty shared cars driving around in Merelbeke and Deinze. In Lochristi, Wachtebeke, Nazareth or Maldegem there are fewer than five.

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After all, it is not easy for smaller municipalities to roll out such a system, because there are many different providers and platforms. The costs for maintenance and management can also quickly add up. Veneco, which unites about twenty municipalities on the outskirts of Ghent, therefore started its own project: Vene-Go.

“Veneco took the initiative to look for a provider that municipalities can call on through a framework contract,” says PR manager Wendy Van Laere. “This relieves the burden on local authorities and at the same time allows them to benefit from favorable rates.” (read more below photo)

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Business travel

Car sharer Cambio emerged as the best partner. It already has almost 400 recognizable white cars with red accents driving around in Ghent, but will now spread its fleet further across the region. “This is a promising step forward, with 10 municipalities already showing interest in shared cars,” it said.

The municipalities pay a fixed amount per car annually, which can drop to zero depending on use. Not only residents, but also the municipal authorities themselves will be able to use Cambio for the business travel of their employees.

The emphasis is on electric cars. New electric charging points have already been installed in the parking lot of the Panhuis business park in Destelbergen, where Veneco is located.

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