Growing old healthily? That’s how you do that

Growing old healthily? That’s how you do that
Growing old healthily? That’s how you do that

How do you grow old healthily? Without all kinds of defects, preferably still a bit spry and mentally everything in order. Fortunately, there are many tips to reach 100 in good condition. We list them for you.

You may have to work on all kinds of brain exercises for a while and do your best to get enough exercise every day, but then you have something.

This is how you grow old healthily

We recently talked about the basic principles of a healthy life. Eating healthy, getting enough exercise, enjoying the outdoors: those kinds of things are good for you. But what is concretely and specifically known about prolonging your life in a healthy way? And what tips are there from ‘experts’? A number of general tips at a glance:

Tips from people who are healthy old

More and more people are growing old healthily and are reaching the age of 100 or beyond. Do they have specific tips for healthy aging, or did it come naturally to them? Elderly people regularly appear in the media with their lifestyle and tips, but people also write about residents of specific places, who often live to an above-average healthy age. These are the so-called Blue Zones.

This is what science says about healthy aging

Numerous studies have been done on why some people live to be 100 and how you can potentially extend your life. Science also writes about why some people dread growing older and why everyone feels old at a different age:


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