Unknown singer plucked from hotel bar half an hour before concert as support act for Take That: “Surreal” | Music

Unknown singer plucked from hotel bar half an hour before concert as support act for Take That: “Surreal” | Music
Unknown singer plucked from hotel bar half an hour before concert as support act for Take That: “Surreal” | Music

musicThe British band Take That had a huge surprise in store for singer and guitarist Daniel Rooney. The unknown Scot was suddenly singing in front of 14,000 people after being picked from a hotel bar. The original support act Olly Murs had to cancel because he would not get there on time. “A worthy replacement, his performance was great!”, he said.

What a day for Daniel Rooney, the Scottish singer was – as always – performing at the Radisson RED Glasgow hotel. Half an hour later he was suddenly in the Hydro arena in Glasgow, singing in front of 14,000 people. Olly Murs was supposed to be the support act that evening, but due to delays at Heathrow airport, the singer did not get there on time. “Sorry to the Take That fans. “I have been at Heathrow Airport since 10 o’clock this morning, but due to delays and an incident I cannot get there,” X said.

Coincidentally, TV presenter Ross King was in the bar at the Radisson in Glasgow, who would also be announcing Take That that evening. Daniel Rooney made such an impression on Ross that he recommended the unknown singer to frontman Gary Barlow as a replacement. “I went to the Radisson with my family and girlfriend. Gary and I were texting and I heard that Olly was stuck in London. I told him I had just listened to Daniel and he was brilliant.”


That left Rooney with just 30 minutes to get to the Hydro arena, but he still managed. And the gamble seemed to pay off, as the audience at the sold-out performance gave the newcomer an exuberant applause. Even frontman Gary Barlow thanked the artist on Instagram. “This young man saved us, thank you,” he wrote with a photo of Daniel. “It was fantastic and difficult to let it all sink in. It was surreal,” Rooney even said

There were also positive reactions to X. “Congratulations to Daniel Rooney. What a great intro to the big stage.” Another Take That fan wrote: “Daniel Rooney was a worthy replacement. His performance was great.” Daniel Rooney also took to Instagram to thank Take That and Ross King for the opportunity. “I’ll come up with new music soon!”

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