Trump compares Biden administration to the Gestapo in leaked recording

Trump compares Biden administration to the Gestapo in leaked recording
Trump compares Biden administration to the Gestapo in leaked recording

Former American President Donald Trump has been kicking around wildly again this weekend. He compared the current Biden administration to the Gestapo, the secret police in Nazi Germany. And the prosecutors in his criminal cases also had to pay the price.

The comments were part of a larger diatribe in which the former president, among other things, accused the Biden administration of being behind the four criminal charges he faces.

The meeting took place behind closed doors at his Mar-a-Lago estate. But NBC News and The Washington Post still obtained an audio recording of the meeting with lenders.

On those recordings you can clearly hear him calling federal prosecutor Jack Smith “deranged,” “evil” and a “real bastard.” He mockingly describes Georgia prosecutor Fani Willis as “Mrs. Wade,” a reference to prosecutor Nathan Wade, with whom she had a contentious relationship.

1 million dollars

Trump told his story in front of several hundred attendees. According to sources from The Washington Post, they had paid up to 40,000 dollars (approximately 37,000 euros) per person to hear Trump swear and to hear him make all kinds of reproaches to those who get in his way.

During his speech, Trump cursed repeatedly, attendees said, during his roughly 90-minute speech in which he lavished praise on his recent fundraising numbers and his vice presidential candidates.

The former president also said at one point that “anyone who now donated $1 million to the Republican Party could come to the podium and say something themselves.” Then two people came forward.

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Trump also expressed support for his party colleague Mike Johnson, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, during the meeting. He was sitting in the room himself. The former president said other Republicans should “leave Johnson alone.”

Johnson is under fire within his own Republican Party now that a major aid package for Ukraine has been approved by the House. One of his fellow party members, Marjorie Taylor Greene, wants to try to oust him next week.

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