Why this family photo of Swedish Princess Madeleine is stirring people around the world | Royalty

Why this family photo of Swedish Princess Madeleine is stirring people around the world | Royalty
Why this family photo of Swedish Princess Madeleine is stirring people around the world | Royalty

ROYALTYEspecially for Easter, Swedish Princess Madeleine (41) shared a photo with Princess Adrienne (6) and Princess Leonore (10). The latter seemed anything but happy during the photo shoot and the rest of the world noticed that. The snapshot has now gone viral and raises concerned questions about the Swedish royals. Why are husband Chris O’Neill (49) and Prince Nicolas (8) missing? And why does Leonore look so sad?

While Princess Adrienne sits on her mother’s lap, the eldest daughter of the Swedish Princess Madeleine stands behind her with a concerned look. “Leonore doesn’t look happy. Why is she so sad?”, one royalty fan asks. Someone else commented: “Leonore looks lonely. She stands there all alone, without her mother’s love. Something that children desperately need.” Others thought that Princess Madeleine also did not look good. “Her face looks very strange. It’s as if she’s forcing a smile,” she said.

It is also noticeable that her husband Chris O’Neill and son Prince Nicolas are missing from the family photo. The fact that only three of the five royals were present for the photo shoot was met with heavy criticism. “Something is clearly going on here,” said an Instagram follower.

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A few hours after sharing the much-discussed snapshot, Princess Madeleine posted a photo of her husband and son. The two were walking on the beach. “Some guys just want to hang out in the background,” Madeleine explained.


But according to royalty experts, there may be more to it. For example, after living abroad for years, the family finally returned to Sweden last year. But soon their move was ‘postponed’. “Chris does not feel ready to move to Sweden permanently,” royal expert Herman Lindqvist said at the time. Moreover, it was also claimed that the couple had serious issues. For example, Princess Madeleine is said to have presented her husband with an ultimatum, after which the bomb exploded: “Princess Madeleine had decided to return to Sweden, regardless of whether Chris would go with her or not. The royal family was already preparing and the palace also started preparing for their return to Sweden.”

By holding his ground, the British-American banker managed to postpone their return to Sweden for a year. But according to palace officials, O’Neill is determined to finally talk them out of Madeleine’s plans: “Chris will do everything he can to ensure that the couple never returns to Sweden. He hates being there.”

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Chris O’Neill and Prince Nicolas on the beach. © Instagram


The fact that the daughter of King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia has been living abroad for years is not well received by everyone. The princess has received a lot of criticism for her lifestyle in the past. Even the Swedish royal family finds it irresponsible that Princess Leonore has had to change her environment four times at her young age, in three different countries. “The Queen and Victoria are very upset and have pleaded with Madeleine to think about the children,” a palace source told the Swedish press when it became known in 2018 that the family was moving to Miami. “Imagine: a preschool in London, one in Stockholm and now another new school with new teachers and classmates. Madeleine once again takes the children away from their safe environment. The couple has taken the world by storm since the arrival of their children.”


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