Tenerife residents want more respectful tourists: “This island was once a paradise, but not anymore”

Tenerife residents want more respectful tourists: “This island was once a paradise, but not anymore”
Tenerife residents want more respectful tourists: “This island was once a paradise, but not anymore”

The residents of Tenerife want to attract “higher quality” tourists, who more appreciate the culture, nature and food of the Canary Islands. According to them, British and German tourists, who are present in large numbers on the island, do not do this at all. “I don’t feel comfortable anymore,” he says.

“We need tourists who respect our land and our nature and who want to discover Tenerife by going for a walk, for example, not by partying,” resident Vicky Colomer told Daily Mail. “I feel like a foreigner here. This island was once a paradise, but not anymore. I don’t feel comfortable anymore,” he said.

According to many residents, tourists travel to Tenerife solely to “drink cheap beer and eat burgers and fries”. And that’s not all. According to Vicky, tourists leave a lot of waste behind and park their caravans in places where they are not allowed. In addition, they regularly organize illegal parties, or raves, that wake up the entire neighborhood. “This is unacceptable,” said Vicky Colomer.

Double-edged sword

The criticism from local residents is striking, as the economy of the Canary Islands largely depends on tourism. The number of tourists traveling to Tenerife increases by 11 percent every year. Last year Tenerife saw a record number of 6.5 million tourists.

The president of the Canary Islands hopes that peace will return soon: “I think that everyone who comes here to enjoy and to spend money should not be offended. It would be irresponsible to attack such an important economic activity. What we need here is common sense and peace.”

However, the fact that the economy largely depends on tourism is not necessarily experienced as positive by local residents. “Young, driven people find it difficult to find a decent job,” says Vicky. “They go to university and study for years, but the only jobs they are offered are in the hospitality industry. All our young talent has to move to the mainland if they want a career.”


More and more graffiti is being spotted near holiday resorts with messages such as “tourists, go home” and “too much giuris”, which is Spanish slang for foreigners. Actions against tourists are becoming more and more common today.

Some social and environmental organizations are organizing a protest at the end of this month. They advocate, among other things, the preservation of nature reserves, the implementation of a tourist tax and stricter rules for foreigners who want to buy real estate. It is not the first time that such a protest has been organized, and it may not be the last time that residents of Tenerife have launched initiatives against tourists.


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