Live Gaza | Little prospect of a ceasefire

Live Gaza | Little prospect of a ceasefire
Live Gaza | Little prospect of a ceasefire

No progress in negotiations between Hamas and Israel, new round on Sunday

No progress was made during Saturday’s negotiations in the Egyptian capital Cairo between Israel and Hamas. Representatives of both parties reported this. A new round will follow on Sunday.

Negotiations on a ceasefire between the warring parties in Gaza are taking place in the Egyptian capital, with Egypt, Qatar and the United States as mediators.

According to an Israeli official, speaking on condition of anonymity, Hamas is “thwarting” the talks by continuing to push for an end to the war in Gaza. “Reports that Israel has agreed to end the war as part of a prisoner swap deal or that Israel will allow mediation to ensure the war ends are false.”

A representative of the Palestinian extremist movement Hamas said “no progress” had been made in the talks. “Today’s negotiations (Saturday, ed.) are over and there will be a new round tomorrow.”

Several media outlets reported on Saturday morning that the US had assured Hamas that Israel would agree to a ceasefire once an agreement was reached.

For months, mediators have been facilitating indirect negotiations between Hamas and Israel to reach a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, where bombing and fighting have been going on for almost seven months.

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