Charleroi already washed the pig against RWDM in the first half, which looked back at Kortrijk in fear




  1. 7′ – Goal – Achraf Dari (0 – 1)
  2. 15′ – Cont. Tayo Adaramola by Ilay Camara
  3. 23′ – Cont. Achraf Dari by Jonas Bager
  4. 35′ – Goal – Vetle Dragsnes (0 – 2)
  5. 39′ – Goal – Parfait Guiagon (0 – 3)
  6. 45+9′ – Cont. Jeff Reine-Adelaide by Romildo
  1. 63′ – Goal – Makhtar Gueye (1 – 3)
  2. 71′ – Cont. Shuto Abe by Xavier Mercier
  3. 71′ – Cont. Carlos Alberto by Abner
  4. 75′ – Cont. Antoine Bernier by Isaac Mbenza
  5. 75′ – Cont. Ryota Morioka by Marco Ilaimaharitra
  6. 76′ – Cont. Jeremy Petris by Zan Rogelj
  7. 85′ – Cont. Oday Dabbagh by Youssuf Sylla
  8. 87′ – Yellow – Stelios Andreou

Jupiler Pro League – matchday 5 – 04/05/24 – 16:01

time icon player homeTime homeIcon homePlayer score awayPlayer awayIcon awayTime


Achraf Dari

0 – 1

Achraf Dari



Vetle Dragsnes

0 – 2

Vetle Dragsnes



Parfait Guiagon

0 – 3

Parfait Guiagon



Makhtar Gueye


Makhtar Gueye

1 – 3

Charleroi and Rik De Mil keep their word. The visitors, who were already certain of being saved, went all out on the RWDM field. The lead was already triple on the scoreboard before half time. Gueye’s header goal turned out to be just a cover for the bleeding in Molenbeek. The home team is now anxiously waiting to see whether Kortrijk will leapfrog them into 2nd place on Sunday.

RWDM – Charleroi in a nutshell

  • Key moment: Just after the half hour, an unusually efficient Charleroi strikes twice in quick succession. RWDM suddenly owes three goals and already knows that it will be impossible.
  • Man of the Match: Antoine Bernier played a hell of a game for the visitors. With a few frills, often useful, he underlined the significant difference in class between the two teams.
  • Remarkable: One player after another went to the grass with an injury. Reine-Adelaïde was in the worst condition after a ball hit his face. The result was a first half that lasted no less than 57 minutes.


RWDM no longer has it in its own hands

Yannick Ferrera had hoped for a sharper start to his RWDM than against Kortrijk, but Hubert apparently did not understand that. The goalkeeper was surprised after a handful of minutes by a strange long shot from Dari. The home team was immediately allowed to chase.

Despite Brussels’ fighting spirit, Charleroi was clearly the stronger team. After a series of injury treatments, the visitors extended their lead. First there was a nice assumption and ditto place ball from Dragsnes, a few minutes later Dabbagh cut RWDM’s defense in two and Guiagon was allowed to finish.

Besides the 0-3, RWDM had to deal with even more disaster. Adaramola and Reine-Adelaïde dropped out with an injury. Still, a volley from Camara and a chance for Carlos Alberto gave the fans in Molenbeek a little courage.

After the break, RWDM showed its most combative side, while it all seemed a little less important for Charleroi. Koffi kept Biron from scoring with a great save and saw a place ball from Romildo lick the top of the crossbar. The goal came on the hour mark, not coincidentally thanks to a header from Gueye.

Hope flared up in the Edmond Machtens Stadium, but there were no truckload of opportunities for RWDM. On the contrary, the danger disappeared from the match altogether. In added time, substitute Sylla was even close to making it 1-4 for Charleroi.

Because of this result, Kortrijk in particular can do something tomorrow. The West Flemish can jump to second place with a victory against Eupen, which only has a chance of retaining. This entitles you to a place in the jump-off against a second division team.

Phase by phase


Three goals conceded in the first half marked RWDM’s verdict in this match. A liberated Charleroi was much better than the home team and won 1-3, so Kortrijk and Eupen can still hope to survive.

RWDM throws everything into the attack and runs into a razor-sharp counter. Sylla only comes for Hubert, but he saves the day.

It will have to happen gradually now if RWDM wants to pick up anything.

An extra 4 minutes will be added.

Final offensive?

Biron rams the ball into a bunch of players and moments later Sousa nods towards the square. Koffi delivers with a sense of spectacle. The photographers can thank the Burkinabe.

Andreou takes the first card of the day for a clumsy foul on Biron.

Sylla has only just stepped between the lines and immediately threatens. Gueye prevents an almost certain goal with an outstretched toe.

Camara accidentally steps on the ankle of the substitute Ilaimaharitra. The caregivers leave the couch for the umpteenth time.

Every now and then the flame flares up, but RWDM has not been dangerous since the goal. In the meantime, Charleroi is muddling along.

A defeat for RWDM is good news for Kortrijk, which will jump to second place if they win tomorrow. Eupen also retains a chance, but then it absolutely has to win.

Petris sits down amid loud cheers. It could be cramps, but he also received a small tap on his calf.

Time to switch. At RWDM, Mercier and Abner come for Abe and Carlos Alberto, and a few fresh employees are also ready for Charleroi.

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