Taiwan earthquake today live: One dead and scores injured as 7.2-magnitude quake triggers tsunami

Taiwan earthquake today live: One dead and scores injured as 7.2-magnitude quake triggers tsunami
Taiwan earthquake today live: One dead and scores injured as 7.2-magnitude quake triggers tsunami

people looking at a damaged building in Hualien, after a major earthquake hit Taiwan’s east

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One person has been confirmed dead and more than 50 are injured after a 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck Taiwan’s east coast.

The earthquake – the strongest in 25 years in Taiwan – set off tsunami warnings on the island and across neighboring countries, seismology officials said.

The epicenter of the earthquake, which struck at 7.58am local time, was located about 18km south of Taiwan’s Hualien city, said the US Geological Survey. The USGS initially measured the earthquake at magnitude 7.4, though Taiwan’s own monitoring agency put it at 7.2.

Train services were suspended across the island of 23 million people, as was the subway service in Taipei, after multiple powerful aftershocks continued in the hour after the initial quake.

In Japan’s Okinawa, the first small tsunami waves have hit the coasts of Miyako and Yaeyama islands. That came not long after the meteorological agency warned there could be tsunami waves of up to three meters.

The seismology agency of the Philippines promptly issued a tsunami alert following the earthquake, advising residents to move to higher areas for safety.

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Epicenter of the earthquake in tourist city of Hualien

The epicenter of the earthquake was located about 18km south of the tourist city of Hualien, where multiple large buildings have partially collapsed.

Hualien suffered a deadly quake in 2018, when a historic hotel and other buildings collapsed.

Taiwan’s worst quake in recent years struck on September 21, 1999, with a magnitude of 7.7, causing 2,400 deaths, injuring around 100,000 and destroying thousands of buildings.

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Strongest earthquake in 25 hits Taiwan causing widespread damages

Taiwan’s strongest earthquake in a quarter century struck off the island during the morning rush today, setting off tsunami alerts in the neighboring countries.

The earthquake damaged buildings and prompted a tsunami that washed ashore on southern Japanese islands.

A five-story building in the sparsely populated southeastern coastal city of Hualien, close to the epicenter, exhibited significant damage, with its first floor collapsed and the remaining structure leaning at a 45-degree angle.

In the capital, tiles fell from older buildings and within some newer office complexes, while debris fell from some building sites.

Schools evacuated their students to sports fields, equipping them with yellow safety helmets. Some also covered themselves with textbooks to guard against falling objects as aftershocks continued.

Train services were suspended and subways were in Taipei. A newly constructed above-ground line partially separated.

Traffic along the east coast was at a virtual standstill, with landslides and falling debris hitting tunnels and highways in the mountainous region. Those caused damage to vehicles, though it wasn’t clear if anyone was hurt.

A partially collapsed building is seen in Hualien


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Welcome to The Independents live coverage of a powerful 7.2-magnitude earthquake that has struck Taiwan.

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