Google Pixel 8a, Huawei and Samsung update (Android News #18 2024)


The price of the Google Pixel 8a has been leaked and Huawei will soon hold a major event. This is the most important Android news of the week.

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‘This smartwatch will receive the latest Wear OS 5 update’

Samsung’s smartwatches have been running Wear OS for years. This is an operating system made by Google that works well with the Android software on your smartphone. The latest version is Wear OS 4, but Samsung has reportedly started developing Wear OS version 5.

In fact, the version number of the software has surfaced on a Samsung smartwatch, which has been on sale since July last year. On X shared Matthew Reiter his discovery of the test software on his Galaxy Watch 6. We expect it to be Samsung’s own version of the operating system.

→ Samsung is working on Wear OS 5 smartwatches

After a long time, HTC is launching a new phone: ‘U24 Pro will be released in May’

htc u12 plus review

HTC is still a legendary name in the smartphone world, but the manufacturer is not that active anymore. In 2023, the brand launched only one new smartphone: the HTC U23 Pro. Now the first sign of life of the U24 Pro has been discovered.

Information about the new smartphone appeared on it Geekbench, a platform to measure and share smartphone performance. If it is indeed the successor to the U23 Pro, there is a chance that the smartphone will be launched next month. The predecessor also appeared in May 2023.

→ HTC returns with U24 Pro smartphone

Huawei event on May 7: we expect these products

Huawei Dubai

Apple is not the only major player to have organized an event on May 7. Huawei has also now announced that it will make all kinds of announcements on that day. This involves multiple devices in different categories as shown in a leaked poster.

Firstly, we’re going to hear more about different wearables and we have a good idea what to expect. The Chinese superpower focuses, among other things, on smartwatches and it appears that a special variant of the Huawei Watch 4 Pro will be launched, which is based on space.

→ Huawei will present this on May 7

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra now up to €7.50 discount per month!

‘Google Pixel 8a costs 549 euros, gets more storage space’

Google Pixel 8 in blue

Android enthusiasts have been looking forward to the Google Pixel 8a, Google’s new budget device, for some time now. However, it doesn’t seem like the phone will be very cheap. According to information from Dealabswhich often shares the suggested retail prices of unannounced Android phones (and has regularly been right), the Pixel 8a will be more expensive than its predecessor.

The entry-level version of the Google Pixel 8a costs according to the source 549 euros. This concerns a device with 128GB of storage space, where the price will increase by a few tens of euros. For comparison: the Pixel 7a was launched last year for 509 euros. This makes the 8a cheaper on paper than the regular Pixel 8, although this smartphone has dropped significantly in price since its release.

→ Google Pixel 8a price has been leaked

Samsung rolls out an essential 4G update: also for old phones

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) review

Samsung is known for updating its smartphones relatively long and often. The company also does not lose sight of older devices, even if they are five years or older. A 4G update is now being released for several older phones. New devices from the Galaxy S and Galaxy A series are also updated.

It is striking that the update is even available for the Galaxy A5 (2017). This smartphone is more than seven years old and has not been supported with Android version updates and security patches for quite some time, but is now receiving the 4G update.

→ Samsung 4G update rolls out to many phones

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