Nerd Culture #156 on Kingdom Hearts, TRON: Ares & Beetlejuice

Nerd Culture #156 on Kingdom Hearts, TRON: Ares & Beetlejuice
Nerd Culture #156 on Kingdom Hearts, TRON: Ares & Beetlejuice

Yay, the nerds are complete again. Huey is back from his short sabbatical in Mexico and is ready to dig into the facts about the nerdiest content we’ve seen in recent weeks. In this episode we have extensive discussions about Alien from 1979, Beetlejuice from 1988 and X-Men from 1997. We also have trailers from Netflix’s SENNAKingdom of the Planet of the Apes and Mufasa: The Lion King trailer.

Stay at the X-Men ’97 mansion at AirBnB

X-Men ’97 has been dominating our regular programming for weeks and we can’t ignore it this week either. Not only because there is a lot of brutal stuff going on in the episodes, but also because the popularity is bigger than just the show. This time AirBnB is doing its bit. You can stay in the mansion of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters in New York. It’s not just any mansion, all the easter eggs of the show can be found there and the house itself is also completely cel-shaded. Would you stay there for a night?

Chris Hemsworth dons penitential robes for Thor: Love and Thunder

Phase 4 is the period in which the MCU drove itself off a cliff and also Chris Hemsworth now seems to be putting on the penitential. The Australian actor is currently in the promotional process of Max Max: Furiosa, but also managed to look back on Thor: Love and Thunder. Hemsworth blames himself for getting carried away with the improvisation and lame humor that ultimately ruined the film for many people. He previously stated that he wanted to work with a more serious director than Taika Waititi. Should Taika get started on Thor 5?

Jeff Bridges returns for TRON: Ares

Disney is going to try again with the TRON: Franchise. After the cult classic from 1982, it has never been able to approach the magic of the original again. There was a lot of focus on TRON: Legacy, but despite the beautiful images and brutal soundtrack, the film failed to achieve the success that Disney had in mind. Now years later they are trying again with TRON: Ares and Jared Leto in the leading roles.

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