Dutch man (62) kills woman (43) in Belgium | Domestic

Dutch man (62) kills woman (43) in Belgium | Domestic
Dutch man (62) kills woman (43) in Belgium | Domestic

A man killed his wife last night in Putte near Mechelen, Belgium. The Antwerp Public Prosecution Service confirms this. After the murder he fled to the Netherlands, where he was arrested on the highway near Ulvenhout. “We have requested his extradition,” said spokesperson for the Antwerp Public Prosecution Service Lieselotte Claessens.

The body of the 43-year-old woman was found last night in her home along the Aarschotbaan in Putte. According to the initial investigation, she appeared to have been killed violently. The police then started an investigation. The Mechelen department of the Antwerp public prosecutor’s office was also informed. “We have requested an investigating judge to investigate the murder,” the public prosecutor’s office spokeswoman continues.


This morning the investigating judge, the Federal Judicial Police and the forensic doctor were present for the first investigations. “An autopsy will also follow later,” says Claessens. The Dutch perpetrator had meanwhile fled. The 62-year-old man was immediately arrested on Monday morning. This happened more than ninety kilometers further on the highway near Ulvenhout.

Relational context

After his arrest, the man in his sixties was transferred to a Dutch prison. There he will have to wait for extradition to Belgium. The Public Prosecution Service does not want to say anything about a possible motive for his actions for the time being. The Public Prosecution Service can confirm that the two had a relationship. The police and the Public Prosecution Service are conducting further investigations.

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