Miami Grand Prix result: Norris wins after questionable action with Safety Car

Miami Grand Prix result: Norris wins after questionable action with Safety Car
Miami Grand Prix result: Norris wins after questionable action with Safety Car

The Grand Prix of Miami is already a fact. On the scorching hot asphalt ribbon around the Hard Rock Stadium, the victory just went to none other than Lando Norris. He shared the spectacular podium with Max Verstappen and number three Charles Leclerc.

Max Verstappen got off to a great start in Miami. He got away well, and he kept the lead. However, it was close to being knocked out of the race by his teammate Sergio Perez.

Perez appeared to make a false start, but the stewards did not penalize him. The Mexican shot straight, almost hitting Verstappen’s rear tire. His mistake caused him to fall far back. Oscar Piastri took advantage and found himself back in third place.

The Australian McLaren driver felt very good and even took second place from Charles Leclerc. Fun battles were fought everywhere on the track. However, Verstappen did not fight any duels, because he had a considerable lead over the rest.

He wasn’t paying close attention, and he made a rare mistake. He hit the pole in the tight hairpin under the highway. The plastic thing blew onto the racing line, causing a Virtual Safety Car to be deployed. Verstappen could not take advantage of this moment, because he was too far away from the pit lane.

Curious Safety Car

One lap after the Virtual Safety Car he still dived in. His rivals waited a little longer. For Lando Norris, this was a very smart bet. Kevin Magnussen knocked Logan Sargeant out of the race, causing the Safety Car to be sent onto the track. Norris dived in and thus retained the lead. The Safety Car meanwhile picked up Verstappen, widening the gap and forcing everyone to pass the Safety Car again. It was a strange action. For Magnussen it was a new chapter of a weekend full of frustration. It was also a shame for Sargeant, because he could not end his home race in a nice way.

Norris got away well at the restart. The British driver repelled an attack from Max Verstappen, and then opened up a gap. The hole kept getting slightly bigger, causing the nerves to increase on McLaren’s pit wall. His teammate Oscar Piastri dueled fiercely with Carlos Sainz, but a light touch resulted in no punishment. Moments later they hit each other again, causing Piastri to break his front wing.

Mighty beautiful

Piastri was told in the final phase not to do strange things. After all, Norris was in the lead, and McLaren had no desire for a new Safety Car. Norris won for the first time in his career. It was a great stunt by the talented and very likeable Brit. The blunder with the Safety Car was clumsy and certainly helped Norris, but this victory was certainly not stolen. With a car full of updates, Norris showed that he can drive a good game, the joy was great and the champagne tasted good. Norris dedicated his victory in his final round to his grandmother, and the entire family joined in the celebration.

Miami International Autodrome – May 5, 2024

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