Union and Anderlecht both curse after a goalless draw, Club Brugge is the winner of the match day




  1. 10′ – Yellow – Charles Vanhoutte
  2. 33′ – Cont. Jan Vertonghen by Federico Gattoni
  3. 33′ – Yellow – Killian Sardella
  1. 56′ – Yellow – Kevin Mac Allister
  2. 68′ – Cont. Majeed Ashimeru by Yari Verschaeren
  3. 68′ – Cont. Mario Stroeykens by Francis Amuzu
  4. 69′ – Cont. Christian Burgess by Ross Sykes
  5. 70′ – Cont. Henok Teklab by Loic Lapoussin
  6. 75′ – Yellow – Lazare Amani
  7. 75′ – Cont. Lazare Amani by Mathias Rasmussen
  8. 84′ – Cont. Kasper Dolberg by Luis Vázquez
  9. 87′ – Cont. Charles Vanhoutte by Noah Sadiki
  10. 87′ – Cont. Gustaf Nilsson by Kevin Rodríguez

Jupiler Pro League – matchday 7 – 05/05/24 – 18:31

They were happy to see it happen in Bruges. Union and Anderlecht both lost points in the title battle due to a mutual draw. In the Dudenpark, both Brussels clubs had opportunities to score, but no one capitalized. This puts Club in the lead 3 matchdays from the end, with a margin of 2 points. An extra blow for the Purple & White: the injury to Jan Vertonghen.

Union – Anderlecht in a nutshell:

  • Key moment: In an exciting final phase, it is mainly Union that poses the most threat. Five minutes before the end, Nilsson seemed to be on his way to making it 1-0, but he decided far too softly on Schmeichel.
  • Man of the match: Thomas Delaney was the driving force behind a large part of the Anderlecht attacks. The Dane made good passes and good crosses, but the visitors lacked the efficiency to score goals. Delaney himself could also have done better in finishing.
  • Remarkable: Anderlecht played its best away match in these Champions’ Play-offs, but could not completely shake off the away complex. With defeats against Club Brugge and Racing Genk and draws at Cercle Brugge and Union, the report outside the home looks particularly poor.

Moris and Schmeichel prevent hits

Due to Club Brugge’s victory at Antwerp, Union and Anderlecht started the Brussels derby under pressure. That pressure pushed Anderlecht forward, because the purple and white – with, in addition to the fit Schmeichel and Dreyer, also Ashimeru in the starting line-up – immediately took the lead in the Duden Park.

After less than two minutes, Delaney headed a free header chance at Moris and moments later launched Ashimeru into the box with a clever touch, but he needed too much time and missed a beckoning chance to make it 0-1. Union mainly speculated on the counter. After Debast’s misses, Amoura lashed out hard, but Schmeichel immediately showed that he is top fit again.

Halfway through the first half, Anderlecht came close to the opening goal twice. Dolberg shook Burgess off and took a shot from close range. Moris saved the day and did so again after Dreyer’s recovery.

Union’s response again came in the form of a distant peal. Once again Amoura was the author, again Schmeichel saved the visitors.

On the half hour Anderlecht had to suffer a big setback when captain Vertonghen was injured. It almost became a double blow when Mac Allister hit from close range, but his goal was rightly ruled out for offside after VAR intervention.


Nilsson doesn’t pull the trigger

Anderlecht also started the second half at flying speed. Stroeykens decided too weakly on a good cross from Delaney and the Dane in turn lacked coolness in front of goal when he chose a cross over a goal attempt after a free kick.

The visitors slumped again after that bright start and in the last half hour Union pushed the Purple & White into oppression. The home team came squeaking with shots from Amoura and Nilsson once again, but Schmeichel was unable to get into trouble.

In the final phase it was still trembling for Anderlecht when Nilsson was launched into the box. The Swede had the 1-0 at his feet, but decided too softly on Schmeichel. So no winner in the Dudenpark. It was miles away in Bruges.



“We should have won” vs. “Everything still in our own hands”

  • Ludwig Augustinsson (Anderlecht): “There was a lot of competition, with many duels and both teams had their chances. Perhaps this was the most intense match in these play-offs. Everyone knew that a lot was at stake. It was a real derby, not the most beautiful match We came here to win and had chances to do so, but they had them too. Club now has two points more than us, but it will remain a battle until the end. We have to recover now then look ahead to the next match.”
  • Mats Rits (Anderlecht): “It was a charged, but also a correct, fun match. It went well up and down. There were a number of chances on both sides. I think our chances were slightly better, we should have scored one. Then Moris grabbed the ball three times in a row in the first half, that could have been a goal. In the second half we could also have scored on that free kick from me to Delaney saves made. A point may be correct. But if one team deserved to win, it was us. Everyone sees that Club is having a good run, but we still have everything in our own hands home games.”
  • Gustaf Nilsson (Nilsson): “I’m disappointed. We had enough chances to win the match. I had a big chance at the end, but I made the wrong decision. I should have shot with more power, it’s a shame. Now, in a few an important match in the next few days, the cup final. That’s what we’re focusing on now. We now have to recharge our batteries and go for it again.”
  • Charles Vanhoutte (Union): “It was a match of high intensity. Sometimes it was at the expense of good football. In the first half hour of the first half we found it difficult to get into our game, but then it got better. In the second half it was the same, in the We had a bit of a hard time in the first ten minutes. Then we had the upper hand and the best chances. We forgot to score. This is a draw that won’t help either team on Thursday, which will be a total be a different competition. We definitely want to win a prize this year.”
  • Thomas Delaney (Anderlecht): “It was a very tough, intense match. I am completely devastated. Of course we wanted three points, but we gave everything. We are a bit disappointed now, but we delivered a solid performance. We are no longer number one, but we can still decide for ourselves. We had some great chances. I had a chance myself, maybe I would have decided on goal instead of opting for the cross. But Union also had chances in the second half. I remain positive, we still have it in our own hands.”
  • Brian Riemer (coach Anderlecht): “I’m obviously not satisfied with a point, because we came here to win. But I’m satisfied with the performance, especially our first half was good. We were strong on the ball, showed a lot of character and created the most chances to score. But we didn’t take advantage of those chances. The second half was a bit more chaotic, which suits Union better. I’m looking forward to playing at home again after two away games “We don’t care about who is in the lead now, but who will be the leader at the end of the competition. We now just have to ensure that we deliver a strong performance on Saturday to beat Genk.”
  • Alexander Blessin (coach Union): “It was an even game until the 60th minute, both teams had chances. In the last half hour there was only one team on the field. Based on the chances we should have won this game. We had really good opportunities and those chances you have to grab it. It was a very physical match, but in the end it comes down to the psychological. There is a lot of pressure on both sides, and the quality sometimes suffers good. That’s why we should have won this match. Now the focus is on the final. You don’t often get the chance to play such a match, it’s something special.”

Press conference and post-match reactions:


Phase by phase


A goalless draw in the Dudenpark and so Club Brugge is the laughing third. With three matchdays to go, Blauw-zwart is the new leader with 2 points more than Anderlecht and 3 more than Union. Anderlecht and Union kept each other in balance in a fierce and intense battle. Both teams also had chances, but Moris and especially Schmeichel ensured that no goals were scored.

Nice save from Schmeichel

Schmeichel scored with a beautiful reflex on a volley from Puertas, but the whistle had blown for a handball from Sykes. It seems to remain 0-0 here.

Club as the big winner?

We’re halfway through the extra five minutes. Club Brugge seems to be on its way to becoming the winner of this match day. Or is the devil in the tail?

An extra 5 minutes will be added.

Weak shot from Vazquez

Moris can also touch the ball again. Vazquez tries from far away after Union loses the ball, but his attempt lacks power and precision.

Amoura aims wide

Amoura stands at the cannon again. From the edge of the box he curls the ball wide of Schmeichel’s goal.

At Union, Vanhoutte and Nilsson can rest. Sadiki and Rodriguez can complete the final phase.

Nilsson close to 1-0!

Anderlecht suddenly escapes unscathed. Nilsson is launched into the box and seems to be on his way to making it 1-0, but under pressure from Augustinsson he decides to be too weak. Schmeichel can thus intervene again.

Riemer also throws Vazquez into the fray. He takes the place in Dolberg.

Union advances

Union is now increasing the pressure. Castro-Montes crashes into Gattoni and in the aftermath Delaney clears the ball. Anderlecht is now in trouble.

Puertas is looking for good rhythm

Puertas immediately tries individual action, but his shot misses the right direction and goes wide. Too much carelessness by the Swiss, he is not in the match.

Sykes heads over from close range, but the flag and whistle have been blown for offside. Time is slowly running out for both teams. Will we get another winner?

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