Rebel Wilson reveals which actor deflowered her at the age of 35: “He knew nothing” | Celebrities


celebritiesLess than a week ago, Rebel Wilson (44) revealed that she only had sex for the first time at the age of 35. Now she also reveals in her memoir who her very first bed partner was and it turns out to be a familiar face: actor and comedian Mickey Gooch Jr. The revelation was an equally big surprise for him, because at the time he had no idea that Rebel was still a virgin.

Wilson and Gooch met on the set of the film ‘How To Be Single’ in 2015 and dated for several months. About a month into their romance, Wilson felt she was ready to have sex with her then-boyfriend for the first time. To prepare for the moment, Wilson turned to porn and a vibrator, she writes in her memoir ‘Rebel Rising’.

Rebel Wilson and Mickey Gooch Jr in July 2015. © WireImage

Particularly surprising is that Mickey had absolutely no idea that he was Wilson’s first partner in bed. “Micks, I know this may be news to you if you’re reading this. But yes, you deflowered me,” the passage reads. The actor was told the news before the book was released on Tuesday, Rebel said in ‘The New York Times’. “He was the first to read my memoirs. So now he knows.”

Rebel Wilson has been happy with her current partner Ramona Agruma for several years now. The couple confirmed that they were engaged about a year ago. The two also have a daughter together, Royce Lillian, whom they had through surrogacy.

Rebel Wilson with her fiancé Ramona and their daughter. © Instagram / Instagram

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