This is Dominique Van Malder’s Ghent: “It is very expensive there, but if there is money left, I will go there” (Ghent)

This is Dominique Van Malder’s Ghent: “It is very expensive there, but if there is money left, I will go there” (Ghent)
This is Dominique Van Malder’s Ghent: “It is very expensive there, but if there is money left, I will go there” (Ghent)

We all have a favorite bakery, chip shop and rest stop in Ghent, but where do famous Ghent residents prefer to go? We asked actor Dominique Van Malder (47), known for, among other things Belgica and Radio Gaga.

Where did you grow up and where do you live now?

“I grew up in picturesque Dendermonde, where I spent my youth. Afterwards I lived in Brussels for fifteen years. I have now lived in Sint-Amandsberg for over ten years.”

What is your favorite bakery, butcher and chip shop?

“I don’t fry anymore. I used to have a favorite chip shop in every village, I was a chip shop connoisseur pur sang. But that is a thing of the past. It has now been two years since I last entered a chip shop. We don’t go to bakeries either.”

Butchers then?

“I hardly eat meat or fish anymore.” (laughs)

Do you have a favorite greengrocer?

“I really enjoy going to the Cru on the Kouter. That is certainly not for every week because that is damn durationbut if there is any money left at the end of the month, I still like to pop in there for shopping or brunch.”

What are some of your favorite shops in Ghent?

“I’m crazy about books and records, I like to be surrounded by them. Paard van Troje (Kouter) and the Music Mania on the Vooruit are therefore popular addresses. But I always have to restrain myself because I would buy the entire store empty. I used to buy clothes online, but recently I have been going to physical stores such as Brooklyn (Veldstraat) more often.”

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Which restaurant, café or coffee bar does your child visit at home?

“No very hip coffee bars for me. I’m a bigger fan of places where all walks of life come together. The station buffet of Ghent-Dampoort, for example, but that no longer exists. Or the Azalea Park. There you see young people hanging around, seniors and tourists together. If I really want to see people, I go to Lino Van Reeth’s cafés on the Vrijdagmarkt: the Albatros and the Ventura. Gusta in Victor Braeckmanlaan, around the corner from me, is also a great place for an aperitif.”

What does an ideal night out in Ghent look like for you?

“Going to dinner and then going to see a concert, a play or a film, I think that’s a nice combination.”

Which addresses can you recommend?

“I am a big fan of Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. I think Golden Gai (Dampoortstraat) and Boker Tov (Burgstraat) are great addresses. I think the Minard is the nicest theaterke in Ghent. I often go to the Kinepolis with the children, but I also think the smaller cinemas are fantastic.”

Which Ghent resident can always call you for a coffee?

“Joris Hessels, of course. Luc De Vos, if he were still alive. We were not friends, but I miss them so much in the streets. That was part of Ghent. Titus De Voogdt and Tom Vermeir can always call me, we are now playing together in the performance Genesis by Compagnie Cecilia and Abattoir Fermé, in ‘t Arsenaal in Gentbrugge. Wannes Destoop has to call me, it’s been far too long.”

What does an ideal relaxing Sunday afternoon in our city look like for you?

“That can range from following my son’s basketball match to a visit to Harry Malter (Heusden), which I love. I’m quite an animal fan and my youngest son still likes to come along and hang out there.” (laughs)

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