Buy lists: round 1 is for Nico Bakker

Buy lists: round 1 is for Nico Bakker
Buy lists: round 1 is for Nico Bakker

The first quarter of 2024 is already over and that means it is time for the first ranking of the Buy Lists. It was a good quarter on the stock exchanges and this is reflected in the results so far: almost all experts are in the green.

Name Return Q1
Nico Baker +27.2%
Janneke Willemse +20.8%
Hildo Laman +12.9%
Jaap Steur +11.8%
Peter Paul de Vries +9.5%
Jean-Paul van Oudheusden +8.8%
Martine Hafkamp +6.0%
Cees Smit +3.8%
Stefan Willems -3.0%

BAM (+45.2%) and Micron (+38.3%) performed the best of the selected shares; Renewi (-9.3%) and Equinor (-7.9%) had the hardest time.

After the first quarter, the best result is for technical analyst Nico Bakker: in addition to BAM, he selected NN Group (+19.8%) and ABN Amro (+16.6%). We are curious to see how this will improve financials leaning wallet will hold up this year!

The Netherlands Germany

The Dutch shares that Janneke Willemse chose – ASML (+31.1%) and Ahold Delhaize (+6.6%) – are certainly not doing badly, and her third choice Netflix (+24.7%) is also among the runners . That gives her second place in this first standings.

Third place goes to Hildo Laman. His view is more focused to the east: he chose Heidelberg Materials (+26.0%) and Siltronic (-7.0%) from Germany and also established NN Group.

Neither old nor new energy delivers for Stefan Willems

Unfortunately, the competition has not gone well for newcomer Willems so far. Coal company Peabody Energy was flat and uranium fund Yellow Cake had to lose 2.7%. His third choice, Alibaba (-6.6%), has been on many buying lists for over a year. The unpredictability of the Chinese government plays tricks on the price. But what is not, may yet come! The Kooplijst competition does not close until Tuesday, December 31.

Who will catch up during the year? And which runners might turn out to be dead runners? We will be back to you in three months with the half-year update.

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