Airboat tips over in Florida’s Everglades: 9 passengers fall into water with crocodiles | Abroad


A propeller boat went overboard during a tour of the Everglades in Florida. The nine passengers and the driver of the boat ended up in the swamp where crocodiles and alligators live. Everyone escaped unscathed. The man behind the wheel has been arrested.


April 2 2024


The nature reserve of the Everglades National Park in Florida is known for its swamps where American crocodiles and alligators swim around. Tourists can explore the Everglades on a noisy airboat, which is powered not by a screw, but by a propeller. During such a tour the aim is to spot crocodiles.

That search for the reptiles in the swamp went wrong on Friday. The driver tried to get closer to an alligator and made too sharp a turn, causing the boat to capsize. The man and his nine passengers fell into the water, which also contained at least one alligator. When three rescue teams arrived on the scene, everyone had already climbed out of the water. The boat had partly sunk and some passengers had crawled onto it. Only one person required treatment at the scene for injuries.

The airboat in the Everglades overturned after making too sharp a turn. © Screenshot

The driver turned out not to have the correct papers to sail the airboat and was arrested.

“At first I panicked, I was afraid for my wife and family,” passenger Jose Maldonado told local press. “Only then did I think of the alligator.” Fortunately, everything ended well, although that was not easy. Alligator mating season runs from April to June. Then the reptiles move more and are more aggressive.

The swamps of the Everglades are also known for the American crocodiles and alligators that live there. © Getty Images

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