BVs also at the start of the BK gravel: “And I ride for the prizes”

BVs also at the start of the BK gravel: “And I ride for the prizes”
BVs also at the start of the BK gravel: “And I ride for the prizes”

Today the Belgian gravel racing championship will be held in Turnhout. The field of participants is particularly diverse for this competition.

After his victory in Valkenburg last weekend, Toon Aerts is undoubtedly the top favorite to win the Belgian gravel racing championship, but there are other contenders participating.

Gravel racing also differs from other races because everyone can participate. These participants also include former top athletes and well-known Flemish people.

One person we can expect something from today is undoubtedly Jelle Van Damme, the former trial football player. He will also be at the start and will certainly compete for prizes. That doesn’t cause any nerves.

“Stress? No. I ride for the prizes, but I don’t make it a goal. I would like to win in my own category – elite 3,” said Het Laatste Nieuws.

Different challenge

Van Damme has not been involved in gravel racing for long and he actually doesn’t find anything special about it at all. Normally he would much rather cycle road races, but he has a special reason for being at the start in Turnhout.

“I’m doing it because I was tempted to participate in the Unbound in the US together with Greg (Van Avermaet, ed). That’s why I want to sit on that gravel bike as much as possible.”

That race covers 300 kilometers, which is exactly double the length of today’s Belgian championship in Turnhout.

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