Doctors perform abortion on the wrong woman

Doctors perform abortion on the wrong woman
Doctors perform abortion on the wrong woman

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A hospital in Prague has been ordered to pay compensation to a woman who was four months pregnant and who accidentally had an abortion. She had come to the hospital for a routine check-up.

Her pregnancy had gone perfectly so far. Hardly any complaints. Yet she left the hospital without a baby in her womb.

The woman was a foreigner who did not speak Czech or English. According to the doctors, this led to the misunderstanding with a dramatic outcome.

The woman was four months pregnant and had to come to the Bulovka University Hospital in Prague for a routine check-up.

But instead of undergoing a regular examination, she was anesthetized and subjected to curettage – a surgical cleansing of the uterus – without her consent or knowledge.

The operation was in fact intended for another woman who was also of Asian descent, but the error went unnoticed by the doctors involved, a gynecologist, a nurse and an anesthetist.

The hospital will now have to pay compensation.

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