Tonight on TV: new season Family Gillis: mass is cash, competition Netherlands

Tonight – despite all the commotion – a new season of Gillis family: mass is cash launched on SBS6. Also included is the World Cup qualifier between the Netherlands and Iceland. These are the TV tips from for Tuesday 6 September. informs you every day about the best that the upcoming TV evening has to offer.

Live: Netherlands – Iceland (World Cup qualification)

8:25 PM

Under the leadership of the new national coach Andries Jonker, the Orange Lionesses will try to reach the World Cup in 2023. Tonight will be played against the ladies from Iceland. You can see the match on Tuesday at 8.45 pm on NPO 3 and ESPN 2. You can watch the match online on a live stream via

Ewout: murder in a tourist resort



8:30 pm

Presenter Ewout Genemans is back with a new season of Ewout. In the second episode, Genemans visits Mexico, where more and more tourists are victims of shootings between drug gangs. He joins the heavily armed police in Acapulco to find out if the tide can turn. Genemans sees with his own eyes why the city is in the top three of most dangerous cities in the world.

Back: Gillis family – mass is cash



8:30 pm

Tonight is already the eighth season of Gillis family: mass is cash launched on SBS6. In this program we follow holiday park magnate Peter Gillis and his family in the ins and outs of their empire – and all the adventures they experience. Recently, Peter Gillis has become quite discredited because of an alleged abuse of his Nicol. He would have pushed, bitten and squeezed her breasts.

Action movie: The Bourne Ultimatum



8:30 pm

The spectacular action movie is on Veronica tonight The Bourne Ultimatum to see. Jason Bourne tries to unravel the last mysteries of his past, but after a shooting in Moscow, he is chased by a new generation of trained killing machines. To find out who he was, Bourne must circumnavigate the globe, shaking off his assailants and avoiding the eagle eyes of the spy satellites.

Live: Paris Saint Germain – Juventus (Champions League)



8:55 PM

Tonight the group stage of the Champions League starts. RTL 7 will of course be there again, with the preview from 7.55 pm and a live report from the squatter Paris Saint-Germain – Juventus in Group H at 9:55 pm. Both top teams experienced a disappointing Champions League season last year. Although they managed to survive the group, both found their Waterloo in the eighth finals.

Start: Who Is Ghislaine Maxwell?



10:20 PM

The next Tuesdays will be the three-part documentary series on NPO 2 Who Is Ghislaine Maxwell? to see. The episodes paint a picture of the woman who became world famous as the recruiter of Jeffrey Epstein and his friends, who extensively abused underage girls. Who is Ghislaine Maxwell? Celebrities talk about her childhood, her relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and her place in high society. And the survivors clarify her role in the sexual abuse.

Thriller: collateral



10:45 pm

Tonight is on Veronica the fantastic thriller collateral with a chilling role by Tom Cruise. Max is a friendly taxi driver in Los Angeles who picks up his client Vincent from the airport. He asks to drop him off somewhere, but to wait until he comes back. When a corpse falls on Max’s taxi, a hellish night begins as Max drives from victim to victim.

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