Silver strings, hair and years in Dorpskerk

Silver strings, hair and years in Dorpskerk
Silver strings, hair and years in Dorpskerk

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The sounds that the choral and orchestral company Qui Vive, rooted in Delft and Breda, can best be compared to liquid gold – thin, pure and beautifully glowing in the fire of the performance.

In terms of age, the ensemble is now on silver. Brass winds, bronze voices: everything about this unique ensemble has been shining and shining continuously for 25 years and completely rust-free since it was founded in 1998. called a great gift.

That love is mutual. In the spirited acoustics of the Dorpskerk on Kerkweg, many visitors have already been able to experience what it is like to attend a Qui Vive concert. And anyone who has been out of musical interest, at the instigation of family or friends or simply out of curiosity – the concerts are always free – will return every year! The variation in the classical and modern-classical concert programs ensures a feast of recognition every year with its consistently high quality.

The approximately 50 professionals and amateurs of Qui Vive – silver of years, now also a hard core of hair – find each other in their passion for music. Every year the choral and orchestral company makes a summer tour in France; this year for the second time in La Flèche, in the Loire region. Traditionally, the tour is then concluded with ‘home concerts’ in Pijnacker and Breda.

The concert program of 2022 consists of one work. Ad van Unen, conductor and artistic director since Qui Vive was founded, raised the bar for Qui Vive’s silver jubilee with the complete Marian Vespers by Claudio Monteverdi. “It was a long-cherished wish of mine to carry out this work,” explains Van Unen. “The combination with Gregorian chant takes me back to my childhood, when I sang in a church choir. I also like the beautiful Latin psalm lyrics and the rhythmic variation. Finally, I admire the way Monteverdi alternates the old compositional style with the new (in his day) style, which makes the work varied and at the same time unity, both in the individual parts and in the entire composition.”

Monteverdi’s Maria Vespers will be performed on Saturday 3 September in the Dorpskerk in Pijnacker. The concert starts at 4 p.m. and is free of charge. If you want to solidify the feeling of liquid gold afterwards, you can do so in the form of a voluntary contribution.

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