Refugee president will return to Sri Lanka today or tomorrow

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Former Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is expected to return to his country this weekend. AP news agency sources say this will happen today. Sri Lankan media keep it to tomorrow.

Rajapaksa fled on July 13 after thousands of Sri people stormed his official residence and other government buildings and demanded his resignation. They held him and his government responsible for the deep economic and political crisis in their country.

Four days later, he and his wife left for the Maldives at night on a military plane. A day later they traveled on to Singapore. From there he submitted his resignation by letter. Eventually the couple ended up in Thailand.

Rajapaksa now apparently considers the situation safe enough to return. He has nothing to fear from the Sri Lankan justice system, there is no warrant for his arrest. Investigations against him have been started in the past, but they have already been suspended.


Rajapaksa after being sworn in in 2019

In 2019, a large majority elected him president, but the promise that he would improve the economy has come to nothing. On the contrary, due to a series of blunders and the corona pandemic, the country only went further downhill.

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