NS skips these train stations most often

NS skips these train stations most often
NS skips these train stations most often

A train skipping your station: it may be more annoying than a delay. Today the NS announced how often it happened last year and which station was the biggest victim. “It is a major dilemma,” said the carrier.

Last year, NS trains passed a station where they should have stopped 2,788 times. This is 0.02 percent of a total number of stops of 12 million, the NS reported today.

Skipped train station

The trains most often skipped Tilburg University station. That station was skipped in 0.82 percent of the planned stops. This was mainly due to speed restrictions, but also because there are many freight trains in Brabant. These trains accelerate slowly and brake slowly and are therefore not very punctual, according to the NS.

“It is a station where four trains per hour come during the day. If one fails, there is still quite a bit left,” is NS’s reasoning. In addition, the NS consciously chooses to skip this station sometimes because travelers from ‘s-Hertogenbosch can change at Tilburg station and travel on to Tilburg University by Sprinter from Eindhoven within five minutes. “We do not have this option at other stations on the route.”

Junction ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Zoetermeer station

Because there are speed restrictions between Utrecht and ‘s-Hertogenbosch, this may cause more delays around the ‘s-Hertogenbosch junction, according to NS. The result is that several stations along the Arnhem-Breda route were sometimes skipped last year. The complete list looks like this:

Station Number of times skipped Planned number of stops Percent skipped
Tilburg University 271 33,215 0.82%
Nijmegen Dukenburg 167 40,261 0.41%
Nijmegen Goffert 166 40,226 0.41%
Utrecht Lunetten 101 53,282 0.19%
Arnhem South 94 33,873 0.28%
Elst 92 34,877 0.26%
Nijmegen Lent 92 33,870 0.27%
Zoetermeer 75 28,886 0.26%
Rosmalen 69 22,342 0.31%
‘s-Hertogenbosch East 68 22,346 0.30%
Source: NS

Zoetermeer station is also on the list. At the beginning of January last year, the footbridge over the station was broken and for safety reasons no trains were allowed to stop for a few days. As a result, more than a quarter of a percent of the number of planned stops could not be made.

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