This is how things are going with Eva from Over My Corpse 2024

This is how things are going with Eva from Over My Corpse 2024
This is how things are going with Eva from Over My Corpse 2024

Her life still consists of ups and downs.

Metastatic lung cancer

Last season, the regular viewers of Over Mijn Lijk were introduced to 25-year-old Eva, who was told in 2021 that she had metastatic lung cancer. The season showed her attending several doctor’s appointments, speaking candidly about the powerlessness she felt at the diagnosis, but also making time and space for positivity. She organized a big party in honor of her 25th birthday.

Eva in Over My Corpse

Now, almost a year after that party, Eva slowly dares to look ahead to her 26th birthday. “At the moment things are going up and down a bit for me. The tumors were growing after the last broadcast of Over Mijn Lijk. Now I have started a new treatment. It is working well, but the side effects are just very intense,” she tells Tim Hofman candidly in the podcast.

“I suffer a lot from nausea and especially vomiting, so I have lost a lot of weight as a result, and I am very tired. As a result, they have also reduced the treatment and now I am doing much better, so that is nice. That is why it goes up and down.”

Lust for life

Despite her complaints, she is extremely grateful and happy that she is still here. A miracle, as Tim Hofman also knows. “I think about that so often, just briefly before we continue with the podcast. We started shooting two years ago. It had to be done quickly, because ‘Eva wasn’t going to make it’, but here we are,” says Tim . Eva agrees. “Yes, the bizarre thing is next Saturday, March 16, I have also had my diagnosis for three years and that was really against all expectations. So yes, that is really bizarre.”

Curious about what else Eva has to say? Then quickly watch the video below!

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