beaten unconscious, but thrown alive into the Scheldt

beaten unconscious, but thrown alive into the Scheldt
beaten unconscious, but thrown alive into the Scheldt

The fact that her car was found covered in a white layer of fire extinguishing powder immediately suggested that her disappearance was not an act of desperation. Someone had emptied the fire extinguisher in the car, perhaps in an attempt to cover up traces. At the time, police thought that the woman may have fallen victim to criminals who were after the restaurant’s cash register.

On Monday, hikers found a lifeless body in the Scheldt. It turned out to be Cathy Dubois.

All avenues were initially open: suicide and murder. “But there is now clarity about that,” says brother-in-law David in the media. He is Bénédicte’s husband.

“Cathy was murdered. This is what the autopsy report states. “She was said to have suffered a severe blow to the head and had a broken nose.”

“Her hands were also injured, it seems as if she tried to defend herself with all her might.” These are the classic defense wounds.

According to the autopsy report, she was thrown into the Scheldt alive but unconscious, after which she died, possibly drowned.

“She wouldn’t have been in the water for long and she wouldn’t have been raped, we hear,” brother-in-law David said in the media. The woman is said to have still been wearing her kitchen apron when her body was removed from the Scheldt.

“A nightmare for our family. Cathy was a very sweet person. Didn’t have any problems with anyone,” said David. “We don’t understand how someone could commit such a cowardly act. Cathy was divorced and had a six-year-old son, Diégo. He is now with his dad and does not yet fully understand what happened to his mom.”

A suspect is not immediately in sight. “Not as far as we know. We are devastated with grief and anger. Fifty hypotheses go through our heads about how and what, but to be honest we have no idea. A bad, cowardly guy at a bad time? That’s what it looks like now.”

“Let us hope for the perpetrator that the justice system will soon punish him severely and keep him in prison for a long time. Because there are many feelings of revenge bubbling up in us. He won’t get away with this, ever. If necessary, we will find him ourselves,” says the man.

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