Fuel at the pump is becoming increasingly expensive due to rising oil prices


Prices at the pump have risen considerably in recent months, following higher oil prices. Since the beginning of this year, the recommended price for a liter of gasoline has risen by almost 20 cents, according to consumer collective UnitedConsumers. The recommended price for diesel increased by approximately 10 cents per liter during that period.

The recommended retail price for a liter of Euro95 is now 2.235 euros and that of diesel is 1.97 euros per liter. These recommended prices are usually only charged at pumping stations along highways. Gas station owners may deviate from the recommended prices of the major oil companies.

Oil prices are now at their highest level in about five months. This is partly due to the further increasing tensions in the Middle East after Israel carried out an airstrike on the consular building of the Iranian embassy in the Syrian capital Damascus on Monday. Two generals of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard were killed. Five other members of the Guard also did not survive the attack.

Tehran has said it will respond seriously. Iran is an ally of the Houthi rebels in Yemen. They regularly carry out attacks on ships in the Red Sea, including oil tankers. The Houthis could possibly increase those attacks further or Iran could attack tankers in the Persian Gulf.

Prices petrol, diesel and LPG

The table below shows the current fuel prices. This concerns the Average National Recommended Retail Price. The price you pay at the pump may differ from this. Click on one of the fuels to get more information about, for example, the development of the price of this fuel and the price that the largest oil companies charge today.

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