Gurman: hole-punch notch iPhone 14 Pro is bigger than expected

Not two, but one larger hole-punch notch will take place in the screen of the iPhone 14 Pro, according to rumor spreader Mark Gurman.

With less than a week to go until the iPhone 14 series launch event, more and more details are crystallizing. This time it becomes more clear about the shape of Apple’s hole-punch notch on the iPhone 14 Pro. Earlier this year it was announced that Apple would move away from the notch that we have known since the iPhone X on the Pro models. Instead, two hole-punch notches would be placed at the top of the screen, as we know from Android phones. Rumor Spreader

says he now knows that there is not two, but one hole-punch notch present.

Hole-punch notch iPhone 14 Pro

At least: that’s how users will perceive the two holes in the OLED screen. According to the Bloomberg journalist, there are still two separate hole-punch notches in the screen. To make the notches less noticeable, Apple would now have chosen to link both notches together with a software adjustment. This simply means – as far as is now known – that the pixels between the two notches have been software disabled. This makes it look like a pill-shaped notch, according to Mark Gurman.

Although the pixels are software disabled, that doesn’t mean Apple is leaving the space unused. The space would be used for the orange and green privacy indicators in iOS when using your microphone and camera. That reports 9to5Mac based on sources. Previously, Apple had to display these indicators next to the notch, but now that there is space in the notch, the tech giant from Cupertino came up with a different solution.

‘Rumor from supply chain’

The fact that two hole-punch notches were mentioned in previous rumors probably has to do with the origin of these details, namely from the supply chain. 3D images of the iPhone 14 Pro (Max) showed two separate notches. Apple’s choice to link these two notches together through software was not visible on it.

Of course, it’s still just rumours. So feel free to take it with a grain of salt. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait long for the iPhone 14 series launch event that takes place on September 7. The Watch Series 8 and Watch Pro are also expected to be unveiled during this event. Do you want to take in the latest details of the new iPhone? Then read our overview article.

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