Will ChatGPT launch its own search engine this week?

Will ChatGPT launch its own search engine this week?
Will ChatGPT launch its own search engine this week?

by Florian Callens
published on Monday May 6, 2024 to 19:51
2 min read

Will Google soon have a major competitor? Possibly yes. OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, appears to be planning to launch its own search engine. According to rumors, the new search engine would come online this week.

In the news: Y Combinator’s Hacker News community recently noted that OpenAI has registered the domain name “search.chatgpt.com.” Currently this URL does not lead to anything, but that should change soon. Around the same time, techinfluencer shared https://twitter.com/nonmayorpete/status/1786016972758528420 namely that such a search engine from ChatGPT would come online on Thursday, May 9.

What can we expect from the ChatGPT search engine?

It is still difficult to estimate what such a ChatGPT search engine will look like. According to rumors, it would be a combination of a traditional search engine, as we know it from Google, with additional options thanks to artificial intelligence (AI).

  • Links to web pages will therefore appear in the search results. In addition, a concise answer will also be formulated thanks to AI. OpenAI’s search engine will therefore become a kind of combination of Google and AI chatbots such as ChatGPT and Gemini.
  • The advantage of this search engine is that OpenAI can place advertisements among the results. Despite its enormous success, the company is still heavily loss-making. An extra advertising stream is therefore more than welcome.

Google: This new search engine could become a major competitor to Google. With a market share of 90 percent, they still dominate this market, followed by Bing from Microsoft. A ChatGPT search engine could change that.


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