New ChromeOS update brings Wi-Fi priority to video meetings

New ChromeOS update brings Wi-Fi priority to video meetings
New ChromeOS update brings Wi-Fi priority to video meetings

Google is rolling out the ChromeOS M124 update with new features including “Faster Split Screen Setup” and “Quality of Service” for Chromebooks.

Google is adding new upgrades to ChromeOS (M124) with the ability to split screens in a faster and more efficient way and prioritize video meetings on a congested Wi-Fi network. In addition, Google is increasing the range to adjust the cursor size, which can be useful during online video presentations. These new updates will be gradually rolled out to compatible Chromebooks over the coming days.

Video meetings first

The new ChromeOS 124 offers a new Quality of Service (QoS) feature, offering better prioritization of video conferencing and gaming applications. When your WiFi network is overloaded, your video meetings will take priority over other applications so that you do not experience any inconvenience during important video conferences. At initial release, the feature will not be available to managed users.

Split screens faster

Chromebooks offer several ways to split your screens for more productive work, such as “Split Screen”. Now Google is adding a new feature, “Faster Split Screen Setup”, which makes splitting screens even faster and easier. This feature provides an overview of your open windows on the other side of the screen that is already “locked”. A second screen can then be selected and pinned from this.

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Finally, in the new update, Google offers the option to adjust the size of the mouse cursor. The cursor size can be adjusted by navigating to Settings > Accessibility > cursor and touchpad. There you can indicate the desired size. This feature is useful for presentations during a video call.

The new ChromeOS M124 version is gradually rolling out to compatible Chromebooks. To check if the update applies to you, go to Settings > About ChromOS > Check for updates.

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