Apple is working on an ‘iPhone 17 Slim’: what kind of model will it be?

Apple is working on an ‘iPhone 17 Slim’: what kind of model will it be?
Apple is working on an ‘iPhone 17 Slim’: what kind of model will it be?

According to a new rumor, Apple is working on a completely new iPhone model: the iPhone 17 Slim. But what’s so ‘smart’ about it?

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iPhone 17 rumors

Although the iPhone 16 will not be unveiled for another four months, there are already quite a few rumors going around about the iPhone 17. And that is not surprising: the iPhone 16 will only be a small interim upgrade, while the iPhone 17 will be a much bigger one. expect changes.

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Apple analyst Jeff Pu has now released some more details about the iPhone 17. The design gets a refresh compared to the iPhone 15 and 16, the Dynamic Island (the pill-shaped camera hole) becomes a lot smaller on the Pro Max model, and a completely new model is added to the line-up: the iPhone 17 Slim .

iPhone 17 Slim

The iPhone 17 Slim will be the successor to the iPhone 16 Plus, according to Pu’s overview of the new iPhones in 2025:

  • iPhone 17: 6.1-inch screen
  • iPhone 17 Slim: 6.6-inch screen
  • iPhone 17 Pro: 6.3-inch screen
  • iPhone 17 Pro Max: 6.9-inch screen

A new name, but still the same idea: a larger iPhone without the Pro Max price tag. Yet there are some changes. For example, the screen is 0.1 inches smaller than on the current Plus models, and according to Pu, the new model will have a new ‘thin design’ that is probably even thinner than on the normal iPhone 17. This would mainly be to to make the larger iPhone feel less bulky.

Name issues

There is also another possible reason why Apple is now switching to ‘Smart’. In 2026, the company will run into problems if ‘Plus’ is retained, as an iPhone 18 Plus would then be released. And that sounds a bit wrong.

The iPhone 17 is not expected until September 2025. Until then, there is still a lot of Apple news: there will be an Apple event on Tuesday, May 7, we will finally see iOS 18 during WWDC24, and Apple will unveil the iPhone 16 and Apple Watch X in September.

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