‘Snapdragon X Elite is half faster than Intel Core Ultra 7 and 9 chips’ – Computer – News

‘Snapdragon X Elite is half faster than Intel Core Ultra 7 and 9 chips’ – Computer – News
‘Snapdragon X Elite is half faster than Intel Core Ultra 7 and 9 chips’ – Computer – News

Qualcomm says the Snapdragon Qualcomm’s Arm chip is said to be more than 60 percent more energy efficient than the mentioned Intel chips in some tasks.

Qualcomm shared some figures about the Snapdragon X Elite during a press meeting with PC World. The chip is said to be about 54 percent faster than an Intel Core Ultra 7 155H in single-threaded tasks of Geekbench 6, with a comparable power consumption of about 7 watts. According to Qualcomm, the Snapdragon X Elite is 65 percent more energy efficient in single-threaded tasks than the Intel Core Ultra 7 chip.

In terms of multithreaded performance, the Snapdragon The company concludes that the Snapdragon X Elite uses about 60 percent less power in this particular Geekbench 6 task.

The Snapdragon X Elite’s GPU has also been tested with the 3D Mark Wild Life Extreme benchmark. According to Qualcomm, the GPU of the Snapdragon is approximately 36 percent faster in this test than the GPU of the Intel Core 7 155H. The Snapdragon X Elite’s built-in GPU is also said to use 50 percent less power in the same task.

Qualcomm also compared the performance of the Snapdragon X Elite to that of the Intel Core 9 Ultra 9 155H. The Snapdragon CPU is said to be approximately 51 percent faster than the Intel Core 9 Ultra chip in single-threaded tasks in Geekbench 6 with a comparable power consumption of approximately 9 watts. The Snapdragon In the multithreaded test, Qualcomm claims that the Snapdragon

The Snapdragon X Elite was announced in October 2023. This concerns an Arm chip that is based on technology from chip designer Nuvia, which was acquired by Qualcomm in 2021. The Snapdragon Those cores are based on the Arm-v9 architecture. In addition, there is an npu cluster for AI tasks, which makes it possible to run large language models with 13 billion parameters locally. The SoC can be combined with a maximum of 64GB Lpddr5x memory with a bandwidth of 136GB/s. For storage, the Soc supports SD 3.0, NVMe over PCIe Gen 4 and UFS 4.0. The modem supports 5G up to 10Gbit/s and a maximum of Wi-Fi 7.

Qualcomm says it is working with Microsoft on compatibility of Arm systems with Windows, so that more and more apps can run natively on Arm. The Snapdragon The first laptops with the Snapdragon X Elite should appear this year, but further details are unknown.

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