Monica Geuze sometimes showers three times a day

Monica Geuze sometimes showers three times a day
Monica Geuze sometimes showers three times a day

Monica finds out through an online video that people only shower once a day. She thinks that’s crazy. “I really shower every morning and every evening. I can’t imagine you not doing that.” It almost never happens that she sticks to it just once a day. “It must be strange if I don’t want to shower twice in one day.”

The presenter even goes a step further, because while twice is the minimum, she sometimes steps under the beam three times a day. “On the weekend or so. Then I just take a shower. (…) When I fall asleep in the afternoon, I wake up and I think: damn. Then I take a shower.”

If people do choose to shower once a day, Monica mainly wonders when they will do this. “I don’t know what I find worse. Skipping the morning or the evening? I can’t make a choice.” The presenter also thinks it is important to wash herself more often for practical reasons. “I want to shower in the evening before I go rocking, but also afterward.” However, Monica wants to emphasize that she does not ‘stand in the shower for 40 minutes’. “It really doesn’t have to take longer than five minutes.”

Kaj also prefers to shower twice a day. He wants to start his day fresh and ‘wash off’ the day in the evening.

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Showering three times a day does not cause any financial problems for Monica, because she has enough money to afford it:

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