‘New twist in Standard saga: Venanzi is making efforts’

‘New twist in Standard saga: Venanzi is making efforts’
‘New twist in Standard saga: Venanzi is making efforts’

Things are not getting quiet at Standard. A new sporting disappointment followed on Saturday with a 3-1 defeat at OH Leuven, meaning that the Rouches are still waiting for their first victory after seven matchdays in the play-offs. In addition, there continues to be a storm surrounding owner 777 Partners.

In recent days, one doomsday report after another has appeared about the American group, which, in addition to Standard, also owns Genoa, Hertha BSC, Vasco da Gama and Red Star Paris, is a minority shareholder in Seville and also wants to take over Everton. The company has dirty papers in its home country.

Venanzi wants to seize Standard shares

There were already several lawsuits against Josh Wander and co for outstanding debts, and in addition there was a claim for damages from the British company Leadenworth, which accuses 777 of fraud. Invoices and wages are also regularly paid late in Liège.

This means that Standard is now also involved in the legal problems of its owner. RTBF knows that Bruno Venanzi is now also going to court. The former owner is still waiting for the final installment to be paid for the takeover of Standard and the real estate holding company in which Sclessin was housed.

777 Partners still has to pay 7 million

All together this amounts to an amount of 7 million euros, which should have been transferred in April. That did not happen and that is why Venanzi would intervene now. He would like to seize 777’s assets, including the company’s shares in Standard.

It remains to be seen what consequences this will have for the daily operations of the club, but it is clear that the storm will not subside anytime soon. They will probably be anxiously awaiting the next twist in this saga in Liège…

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