Leak: Muse to Rock Werchter 2023

Muse will be featured at Rock Werchter 2023. The headline show has not yet been officially announced, but pre-sale website Tixr.com reveals that the English rock band will be on stage in Werchter on Saturday 1 July.

The rumor mill for Rock Werchter 2023 has been running at full speed for some time. Earlier, Muse announced a number of tour dates (including a show at the Malieveld in The Hague) with a very nice gap in the form of the Belgian festival. Through an inattentive partner, the news now comes out a little too early.

Following the tour announcement, Muse has sent an email with pre-sale links to fans. Wednesday, September 14 at 1:00 PM, tickets can be purchased via Tixr. It’s just that someone at that company didn’t pay attention. In addition to the well-known shows, the ticket pages are already live for three festivals. So we know that Muse will be performing at ‘Werchter Festival’ and Hurricane & Southside Festivals in Germany.

In 2021 Muse was voted Best Festival Act of All Time by the Festileaks audience. As of today, the band has a chance to win a new title: you can now vote for the Festival Acts Top 100 of 2022.

Rock Werchter 2023




Werchter, Belgium

June 29 – July 2, 2023

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