Hikers find dumped pregnant cat in suitcase: “Pure abuse” (Wommelgem)

Hikers find dumped pregnant cat in suitcase: “Pure abuse” (Wommelgem)
Hikers find dumped pregnant cat in suitcase: “Pure abuse” (Wommelgem)

© Facebook Stray cat Wommelgem

When some hikers walked through a field in Wommelgem last weekend, they found a pregnant cat that had been left behind in a suitcase. “This is pure abuse.”

“April 1, the day of jokes?”, says the Zwerfkat Wommelgem animal shelter on Facebook. But they certainly can’t laugh at the situation. “A pregnant cat, callously dumped.” Their animal hearts were clearly shocked when they received the news about the kitten. Not only was she locked in a dumped suitcase, she was also pregnant. “We cannot and do not want to accept this, this is pure abuse,” it continues.

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© Facebook Stray cat Wommelgem

The organization is extremely grateful to the walkers who noticed the cat and brought it to them. Once at the shelter, the found cat was renamed ‘Mieke’. There she is now “calmly recovering from this trauma”, according to the shelter. “We cannot emphasize enough the importance of raising awareness, and if you can no longer care for your animal, please get help.”

This is how the Easter weekend ended on a down note for Zwerfkat Wommelgem. “For us, this Easter weekend was painful, painful to discover that there really are still barbarians around,” they conclude the post.

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