Drake formally denies: “I have nothing to do with minors”

Drake formally denies: “I have nothing to do with minors”
Drake formally denies: “I have nothing to do with minors”

Drake raps/proclaims his innocence

The hip-hop feud is gradually getting out of hand. Rappers Drake and Kendrick Lamar, two greats of the genre, have been exchanging verbal blows through their lyrics for several weeks. In two new songs, ‘Meet the Grahams’ and ‘Not like us’, Kendrick Lamar even accused Drake of having a preference for minors. “Certified lover boy? Certified pedophiles”, it even sounds with a reference to one of Drake’s album titles.

Drake has now officially denied those accusations… in a track of his own. In ‘The heart part 6’ the Canadian raps: “If I was fucking young girls? I promise I’d been arrested.” He adds that Lamar is likely making the accusations “because he was abused as a child.”

Mustii recovers

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The Flemish focus on the Dutch candidate Joost is so great that one would gradually forget that Belgium also sends a participant to the Eurovision Song Contest. Yet Mustii is not doing well in Malmö. “In all honesty, I was a bit depressed after the first rehearsal,” said the RTBF representative at VRT. “Many things still needed to be adjusted, I was not satisfied.”

Mustii found support from Gustaph, last year’s candidate. “He told me that he also had a nervous breakdown after the first rehearsal last year. That reassures me a bit.” The second rehearsal went a lot better, according to Mustii. “I enjoy it more now.” Mustii will be in action during the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest on Thursday, May 9.

Ruben Van Gucht understands that people don’t get it

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In the Radio 2 programme If the walls could talk with Anja Daems, Ruben Van Gucht talked about his special relationship with athlete Blanka Vlasic and their son Mondo. They live in Croatia, while Van Gucht resides in Belgium. The sports journalist receives a lot of reactions to this, it was said. “I understand that people have difficulty imagining that, because they raised their children from a different situation. But in the end I don’t care much about that.”

Van Gucht told how he sees his son and wife every day via Facetime. “At this point it is easier for Blanka to raise Mondo in Croatia.” But the presenter assures that when Mondo grows up, the family will reunite in Belgium.

Metejoor cancels concerts and takes a break

Metejoor has announced on his social media that he is canceling the last two concerts of his theater tour. He wants to take the time to take steps towards the necessary peace and space. “I don’t feel so ‘big’ at the moment,” Metejoor – real name Joris Van Rossem – tells his followers. “My team and I have decided to completely free up my agenda for two weeks in order to take steps towards the necessary peace and space.”

In concrete terms, the last two concerts in the Capitole in Ghent will be moved to October. “Apologies for the inconvenience, but I hope to be back to normal soon so that we can enjoy a lot of concerts together again 100 percent,” said Metejoor.️

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