Why sexual self-care should be part of your overall health

Why sexual self-care should be part of your overall health
Why sexual self-care should be part of your overall health

Sexuality is a powerful and vital resource that deserves a prominent place in our pursuit of a healthy life. Yet it is often overshadowed by shame and taboo, especially among women. But what if we no longer see our sexuality as something to hide, but as an essential part of it sexual self-care and empowerment?

It’s time to embrace your sexuality for deeper connection, intimacy and pleasure.

Sexual well-being

Sex and intimacy is a general necessity of life. Just like oxygen, shelter, food, drinks and clothing. Then why would you be ashamed of it? I talked about it with Isabella Machinè, sex, love and relationship coach and author of the book Sexual Self-care. Her mission is to make sexual wellness the norm.

She does this with her book, but also through coaching sessions, where she helps women get to know their bodies better. Her method, based on exercises and meditations, is designed to better understand your needs and remove blockages that keep you from experiencing full pleasure, both inside and outside the bedroom.

Enjoy your feminine power

Isabella tells them that she would like to bridge the gap between the clinical sexologist and the vagueness of tantra. “It’s time for women to connect with their sensual and sexual powers. Free from shame and fearso they can enjoy everything they are.”

Some women are objectified and shamed for their sexuality. Some had to hold back for no reason too many to be or to ask for it. Some did not always feel safe in being a woman. And some didn’t know that their femininity and sexuality was their strength.

Isabella has one especially for all those women (and there are many). sexual self-care-method developed. “I want to invite women to connect with the parts of themselves that have been banished to the shadows by fear, shame and guilt. When they regain their sexuality, they can enjoy their feminine powers.” Isabella said.

A sex apk

As a young girl, Isabella was already confronted with slut shaming, long before she was even sexually active. This opened her eyes to the injustice and oppressive sexuality norms that women can face. It became her mission to guide women on their path to healing, growth and self-discovery.

And I was, as always, very curious about her approach, so I agreed to a one-on-one session with Isabella. Not because I have trouble with my sexuality and sensuality. In fact, I think I am very well connected to my feminine power. But purely because I was curious about how she worked and to see if I could perhaps also learn something from her.

After a short introduction and meditation, it was time for a sex MOT. I had to rate eight different themes surrounding sexuality (such as libido, orgasms, safety and connection). After doing that, I was able to see where there might be some work to be done.

On a date with myself

Now I hadn’t given myself a failing grade anywhere, so that gave me a good feeling. But there were two themes where I had a ‘six’, including ‘self-pleasure‘ so Isabella saw that room for improvement. They asked me some more questions about these topics and asked me to add intentions.

For example, one of my intentions was: ‘I don’t want to need porn or satisfyer to satisfy myself.’ Isabella then made an action plan based on my intentions. I was instructed, among other things, to: twice a week for an hour to pull out for self-pleasure. Yes, sixty whole minutes to go on a date with myself.

Slow down, slow down, slow down

“Then what should I do in that hour?” I asked her. Isabella: “Take a nice bath, put on a sexy lingerie set or a beautiful kimono, oil yourself, go dancing or massage yourself. And try to stimulate all the sensesso light a scented candle and put on some nice music.

Basically you should do everything you would do if you were with a partner, but for yourself. And try all the way into the mood (read: wet) before you start touching yourself. So really slow down, slow down, slow down.”

To end the session, Isabella did another visualization to connect with my sexiest and most confident self. That worked very well, so when the conversation ended I felt complete on top of the world.

Sexual self-care revolution

It’s strange that as women we have never learned to embrace our sexuality as one essential aspect of our well-being. By being aware of and cultivating our sexual energy, we can strengthen our life force and experience a deep sense of empowerment experienced.

Our sexuality is a source of strength and vitality that energizes us and allows us to fully connect with our bodies and our emotions. In essence it is sexual self-care An act of self-love and self-acceptance. It is a recognition of our dignity and the right to enjoy our bodies and sexuality, without judgment or shame.

Source of strength, vitality and pleasure

By embracing our sexuality as part of our overall health, we can become empowered and experience a deep sense of fulfillment. It’s time to get the to break stigmasto recognize the power of our sexuality and see it as a source of strength, vitality and pleasure.

Now I just have to find the time and discipline to work on myself for an hour (!) twice a week.

I went to a Yoni Retreat; a 4-day journey through my vagina

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