Study reveals: Venting does not reduce anger

Study reveals: Venting does not reduce anger
Study reveals: Venting does not reduce anger

1. You are insecure

Self-confidence issues? That can really spoil the fun between the sheets. To improve this, it is important to relax and focus on what is going well. Creating a relaxing atmosphere with music can help with this.

2. You are easily distracted

It happens to all of us sometimes: you’re having sex with your love or fuck buddy, and suddenly you think about what you’re going to eat later. Will it be spaghetti or pizza? Fuck, you’re completely out of the moment. If this is something that happens to you often, it’s a good idea to try some mindfulness. So that you can be completely satisfied next time in the zone are.

3. You’re afraid to talk about sex

Do you want a killer sex life? Then communication is key. Your sex partner cannot satisfy you if he or she does not know what you like. Openness will enrich your sex life. Still having trouble? Then start with sweet talk. A compliment here, a flirty comment there, and bam: you’re ready to share what you really want. So, let’s talk and turn up the heat!

4. You find your regular routine boring

You are tired of always doing the same positions and that is why you perform less. Time to spice up your sex life. Try something new! Plan a sexy date, role-play or do it in an exciting place. Spicy is sexy!

5. Your partner doesn’t feel like it

If you prefer to have sex in the morning and your partner prefers it in the evening, this can lead to problems in the bedroom. Then try to communicate openly about this. Respect and compromise make sex fun for two.

6. You feel pressure to perform

Afraid of not being good enough in bed? That can actually cause you to not perform well. So be in the moment, and focus on what feels good for you and your partner. This way you make sex more relaxing and fun for both.

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