Beverage retailers file a complaint against AB InBev

Beverage retailers file a complaint against AB InBev
Beverage retailers file a complaint against AB InBev

The Federation of Belgian Liquor Traders (Febed) has filed a complaint against AB InBev with the Belgian Competition Authority. She accuses the beer giant of several infringements of competition rules. AB InBev denies.

Source: BELGA

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Febed received 50 to 60 complaints from its members last year about anti-competitive behavior by AB InBev, says director Guy Dewulf. This prompted the federation, after an investigation, to file a complaint with the Competition Authority (BMA). “We believe that AB InBev violates both European and Belgian competition rules,” says Dewulf.

According to the complaint, AB InBev wants to expand its dominant position in Belgium to the detriment of the competition, De Tijd knows. This would be done through exclusive agreements for the purchase of drinks, through margin erosion or ‘margin squeeze’, and through discount schemes “to retain traders and push competition out of the market”.

The Competition Authority confirms the complaint, but says it is still conducting a preliminary investigation. “That serves to decide whether or not it is appropriate to open a formal investigation.”

AB InBev denies the allegations. “AB InBev has the freest beverage purchasing contracts with the catering industry in Belgium. The current discount scheme builds on the previous one evaluated by the BMA. We are convinced that the current schedule is also in line with competition law regulations and to the advantage of the catering industry,” says spokesperson Aron Wils.

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