3D printing in pharmacies on the rise



April 3, 2024

3D printing of medicines in the pharmacy, it sounds futuristic, but for the Transvaal Pharmacy in The Hague it is reality. Arwin Ramcharan is one of the first pharmacists in the Netherlands to print medicines in his pharmacy, although this is still on an experimental basis. It will take some time before the first 3D printed prescription medication is delivered.

3D printing of medicines is becoming a hot item in the pharmacy world, says pharmacist Arwin Ramcharan, as he shows the printer. It is a fairly simple looking device. Under a plastic cover there is a steel tube, through which some electronic wiring runs. “This tube is the cartridge into which the medicine and filler are introduced after heating. There is a hole at the bottom of the tube from which the liquid comes out. Because the printer rotates, the tablets are built up layer by layer.” The result is small tablets, made of a candle wax-like substance, within which the rotating layers can be seen, just like the annual rings in a tree trunk.

“You can dose all kinds of medicines very accurately with it”

Pharmacist Arwin Ramcharan


Printing medicines is still in its infancy. Together with the manufacturer of the printer – Doser – and hospital pharmacist Kirsten Schimmel, who conducts tests at the Leiden University Medical Center, Ramcharan is working on the development of 3D printing. “This technology has a lot of potential. You can cure all kinds of things there

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