Robbe has to make the first decision in Sweden


Dairy farmer Robbe (29), who lives in Sweden, had to decide in ‘Boer zkt Vrouw’ which men he wants to continue with. Telling the good news to the lucky ones almost led to a kiss!

Branko (23), Wesley (34) and Joffrey (25). A while ago they had to pack their bags and have their ID cards ready, because they were jumping on a plane to Sweden. There Robbe welcomed them to Föllinge on his dairy farm. Robbe immediately had a good connection and a pleasant conversation with Branko (23) and Joffrey (25). With Wesley (34) he wanted to see whether his feeling is correct or whether he is completely wrong.

Fantastic guest

In the end he sent the latter home. They got along well and Robbe thinks he’s a fantastic guy, but he didn’t see a future with Wesley: ‘After all, I’m not sure whether Wesley would be able to settle in here in Sweden, and then I don’t want to do that to that boy.’ Wesley was obviously disappointed, while the other two men were thrilled to be able to stay on the farm for a while.


After the moment of choice, Robbe visits Branko. Branko says that he was stressed for a moment during the choice moment, while Robbe reassures him: ‘Do you still doubt that?’. The two cuddled and every viewer felt the chemistry crackling between them. We even almost thought they were going to kiss! Robbe admits that he not only feels great with Branko, but that he also finds him very attractive. Branko says that he feels very much at home with Robbe.

In the next episode of ‘Boer zkt Vrouw’ you will also meet the sympathetic dairy farmer Michiel Dubucq (27).

You can see ‘Boer zkt Vrouw’ every Sunday at 7:55 PM on VTM and VTM GO.

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