Action plan must offer perspective to young architects

Action plan must offer perspective to young architects
Action plan must offer perspective to young architects

The action plan comes after young architects sounded the alarm last year about the unfavorable employment conditions and low wages of starters in the sector. The Order of Architects was also accused of not sufficiently standing up for the rights of younger architects. Several young architects who left the sector also testified about this last week BRUZZ.

In the wake of the criticism, a large-scale consultation was started within the sector. The architects have now designed an action plan that should offer more opportunities for young architects.


For example, there will be an extensive study into the fees paid to independent architects and architecture employees. It is examined whether architects indeed earn less than other professionals. It also examines why so many young architects are turning their backs on the profession. The results of the research are expected around the turn of the year.

In addition, the Order of Architects will focus on rejuvenating and reforming its own structures. “Half of the architectural corps is younger than forty, but this group is underrepresented,” the organization acknowledges. To give young architects a voice, elections will be organized in each provincial council among trainees who still have to complete at least a six-month internship and among architects under the age of 30.

Finally, the aim is to strengthen access to the profession. Measures are being taken in substantive and administrative areas and in terms of employment conditions. The order wants to introduce a number of ‘quick wins’ by the end of the year. Other measures that require a change in the law require more time.

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