Journalist Fatih Altayli responds to Geert Wilders –

Journalist Fatih Altayli responds to Geert Wilders –
Journalist Fatih Altayli responds to Geert Wilders –

In a recent broadcast of the program Teke Teke, well-known Turkish journalist and commentator Fatih Altaylı responded strongly to statements made by Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician known for his controversial positions on immigration and multiculturalism. Here are the images.

Altaylı, who is known for his sharp analyzes and fearless commentary, condemned Wilders’ statements with unprecedented fierceness.

“Let him mind his own business, please, he’s just a racist bastard,” Altaylı said, sharply criticizing Wilders’ rhetoric and labeling it unacceptable.

Fatih Altaylı’s recent response came in response to a tweet from Wilders on X, in which Wilders responded to the recent results of the local elections in Turkey.

In his tweet, Wilders said: “Bye bye @RTErdogan @Akparti. Turkey wants secularism and freedom. TurkeyElections Turkey .”

Fatih Altaylı Invokes Criticism with Inappropriate Gestures

During the March 31 local elections in Turkey, a broadcast by journalist Fatih Altaylı on his YouTube channel sparked controversy.

In a special program called “Teke Tek Seçim Özel” (Exclusive one-on-one about the elections), Altaylı and his colleague Özlem Gürses shared the election results.

However, after Altaylı named the cities in which the CHP (Republican People’s Party) was leading, he became the subject of criticism on social media due to an inappropriate hand gesture he made on camera.

This action by Altaylı caused a wave of reactions and discussions on social media. Many condemned his behavior and emphasized that such actions are unacceptable, especially for a journalist.

Who is Fatih Altaylı?

Fatih Altaylı is a prominent Turkish journalist, columnist and author. He is known for his political commentary and analysis in the Turkish media.

Altaylı has held several important positions in Turkish journalism, including editor-in-chief of the Sabah newspaper and director of the Habertürk news agency.

He has also written several books, mainly on political and historical topics. Altaylı is an influential figure in Turkish media and is often quoted for his analyzes and opinions on domestic and international affairs.


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