‘Wir paffen das’: cannabis now legal in Germany | Instagram VTM NEWS

‘Wir paffen das’: cannabis now legal in Germany | Instagram VTM NEWS
‘Wir paffen das’: cannabis now legal in Germany | Instagram VTM NEWS

In Germany, the recreational use of cannabis is now legal, after a new law came into effect on Easter Monday. Several hundred Germans celebrated this by smoking weed at midnight at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. What exactly is allowed? How much cannabis are Germans allowed to possess and where should they buy it?

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Anyone over the age of eighteen is now allowed to carry 25 grams of cannabis and grow three hemp plants at home.

Germany has thus become one of the most tolerant European countries towards cannabis, going one step further than the Netherlands. The tolerance policy applies here, whereby people who have a maximum of five grams of cannabis in their pocket or a maximum of five cannabis plants at home are usually not prosecuted.

No coffee shops

There will be no coffee shops in Germany for the time being. From July 1, so-called cannabis clubs will be allowed to open, associations with a maximum of five hundred members who can each purchase fifty grams of cannabis each month. Until then, use is legal, but sales are not, and the German Cannabis Association advises users “not to tell the police where they obtained their cannabis.”

Black market

The German government wants to legalize the sale of cannabis on the black market. Opponents fear that the relaxation will actually cause more people to start smoking cannabis, resulting in health damage. According to health experts, cannabis affects the central nervous system in young users and increases the risk of conditions such as schizophrenia and psychosis.

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