This is John de Mol’s TALK DOLL!

This is John de Mol’s TALK DOLL!
This is John de Mol’s TALK DOLL!

He says what the common man thinks. At least, that’s what is claimed. In reality, Johan Derksen mainly says what his employer John de Mol likes.

John de Mol offered him a stage and, above all, a lot of money. Johan Derksen eagerly accepted that and in return he has been proclaiming what John would like to hear ever since. Derksen is the TALKING DOLL of De Mol! So when Tim Hofman makes it painfully clear in BOOS that there are people within TALPA (John himself?) who have kept quiet about transgressive behavior at The Voice of Holland, then the Mustache aims his arrows at Tim. ‘Hofman now struggles to make revelations that actually aren’t.’

After the first BOOS broadcast on The Voice of Holland, Derksen also felt called to intervene for his boss. Female TALPA employees who were outraged by De Mol’s statements placed an advertisement in the AD. Derksen razed them to the ground. “Very cowardly! Very cowardly! Anonymously! All those ladies who now howl with the wolves in the woods that John was so cold…”

Corrective tap
Derksen has little empathy for women who are victims of transgressive behaviour. Or does he think his Great Benefactor (and his family) deserves protection? Because the fact that Johnny de Mol has been reported for serious assault and attempted manslaughter is also downplayed by Derksen. “If you give your wife a corrective slap these days, you have to get off the TV.”

camping channel
In the same way, Derksen also defends the decision of De Mols SBS6 to keep Peter Gillis on the tube. Derksen does not think that Gillis is suspected of having mistreated his partner. ‘Let the viewer decide for themselves whether they watch that Gillis, because if there is domestic violence in one in three families, then the TV world will also be full of domestic violence.’ If it happens often enough, apparently it’s okay for the Mustache.

Aged man
Fortunately, there is an on and off button on the television. Because why would you want to watch an elderly man who holds medieval views and who proudly tells that he penetrated an unconscious woman with a candle in his youth? Derksen is also cowardly, because the moment the world fell over him, the ‘tasteless anecdote’ suddenly turned out to be a fabrication.

Would Johan Derksen really think he is expressing what the ‘common man’ thinks? I do not think so. I don’t think Derksen even expresses what John de Mol thinks. I think that Derksen mainly articulates what he thinks will go down well with De Mol. With his views, Derksen is in the right place at TALPA and since the candle incident it has been clear that nothing and no one can get him out of there.

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