Voice candidate lashes out at Waylon: ‘He abuses his position of power’

Voice candidate lashes out at Waylon: ‘He abuses his position of power’
Voice candidate lashes out at Waylon: ‘He abuses his position of power’

It was a big shock for The Voice of Holland candidate Senja Sargeant when she was sent away by her coach Waylon last February. Because he thought the Canadian singer had a lot of talent, he promised to make a record together and help her get a work permit. But Waylon never lived up to that promise. “He promised to help and I haven’t heard from him since.”

Senja was sent home by Waylon in the final round before the live shows. Viewers, fellow participants and the other coaches did not understand Waylon’s action. Some viewers were even angry, after which the singer posted a statement on Instagram.

Waylon’s Promise

“Maybe I made choices that some people don’t understand,” he wrote. ,,Senja is behind the wheel and knows where to go. I saw that well and luckily I have contact with them several times a week and we are busy making a record… She writes great songs!”

We are now a year and a half further, but there is still no sign of an album. In a few weeks Senja will release some songs, but the music didn’t come about with Waylon’s help.

‘Not a man of his word’

“When he said that he would rather partner with me instead of continuing to participate in the live shows, the reaction behind the scenes said that it was good, because Waylon is a man of his word.” , explains Senja in the weekly Party magazine. “I can now say: he is absolutely not.”

A day after he kicked Senja out of the program, Waylon sent her a message. ,,That was the moment when I thought: ‘Thank God, so it’s real’. I really came to believe in it. I even started defending him on Instagram because he was still getting shit for sending me away.”

‘Haven’t heard from him again’

A few weeks later, Senja’s relationship ended, forcing her to apply for a new work permit. That turned out to be more difficult than expected, so she messaged Waylon to see if he still stood by his words. ,,Because then he could help me with an invitation letter for a visa. He replied that he absolutely wanted to continue with me and that he would keep me here in the Netherlands.”

Waylon promised to arrange a producer and get her a record deal. They even had a Zoom meeting with Senja’s lawyer present. But then there was a sudden silence from Waylon’s side. “I haven’t heard from him after that. He didn’t answer my texts and emails and he didn’t answer my lawyer anymore.”

‘I think he’s an actor’

Senja is furious that Waylon has not kept his promise. “I think Waylon is an actor. He abuses, in my view, his position of power,” she sneers. “I think that he appeared on TV crying in February this year in a conversation about the abuse scandal on ‘The Voice’. He strikes me as someone who doesn’t care about anyone else, but mostly about himself.”

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